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Why Would My Business Use A Secure Hosted Payment Page When We Can Build One Ourselves?

In the online world, there is no shortage of shopping carts and web-based payment solutions. Some are even plug and play, allowing complete novices to launch e-commerce stores with little to no programming knowledge.

Why would you ever invest in secure hosted payment pages when you can theoretically create your own checkout pages and payment forms?

This post explores some of the top reasons why merchants prefer using hosted payment pages to purchase products and services through their e-commerce stores.

1.  Payment Security

The most obvious benefit is security. Credit card fraud is on the rise — especially on the Internet. Experts predict online fraudulent losses to approach $6.4 billion by 2018. While it’s possible to limit your exposure using various strategies, many merchants prefer outsourcing to those who specialize in payment security. 

If you’ve been hit with credit card losses in the past — or if you routinely deal with “big ticket” items — this benefit alone may make hosted payment pages a worthwhile investment.

2.  Reduced PCI Scope

Because every transaction happens within the card processor’s payment environment, your PCI scope becomes much smaller. Although you’re still ultimately responsible for keeping your customers’ data safe, you never have direct contact with any sensitive financial details.

If you’re a smaller merchant who devotes a lot of time to annual audits and self-assessments, hosted payment pages can make your life much simpler.  Remaining PCI compliant is easier when you don’t capture, store, or process card information within your payment environment.

3.  Savings in Money and Time

You may have the technical resources to create a secure, PCI-compliant shopping experience. However, sometimes outsourcing is the more cost-effective solution: 

  • Because you’re outsourcing payment security, you reduce costs associated with your merchant account
  • Because PCI compliance becomes less of a hassle, you save time and can get back to running your business

As a result, you can devote more of your resources to business activities that provide value — like developing better products or providing superior customer service.

4.  Convenience

There exist tons of “plug and play” payment options out there. Though few are as easy to set up as hosted payment pages are. At BluePay, we even have ready-made templates that allow you to begin selling in a matter of minutes. This is great for new product launches and special promotions.

5.  Customization

Convenience is great — but not if you have to sacrifice branding. However, with the right hosted payment solutions, you can customize your pages so that they look and feel just like your site. If you already have your own HTML layout, we make it easy to import your custom payment pages directly.

Are Secure Hosted Payment Pages Right for Me?

Hosted payment solutions aren't for everyone. Some merchants prefer investing time and money building their own payment forms from scratch. They are prepared to assume 100 percent of the risk and take appropriate steps to ensure their payment pages and data storage are PCI compliant.

Though if you're looking for a secure, affordable and convenient way to monetize your products and services online, hosted payment pages may be the perfect solution for you.

To learn more about BluePay's hosted payment pages, contact our integration team today.

Topics: PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention

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