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Why Choose an All-in-One Payment Gateway?

When a merchant accepts a credit card payment from a customer, the transaction goes through the payment gateway, the credit card processor, the credit card network and the customer’s credit card issuing bank before making its way to the merchant’s bank account.

The transaction process is the same for all acquirers. What makes BluePay different than other merchant account providers is we have the technology to be both the gateway and the processor in this process, making us a more efficient credit card processing solution for merchants of any size and type.

What does this mean for merchants?

Rather than use a third-party payment gateway, at BluePay, we provide a full suite of merchant account products as well as a secure payment gateway all under one roof. So when you have a question, concern or problem, you have just one company to call. No more getting caught between your merchant account provider and your payment gateway with no answers or support. We’ll help you consolidate your vendors and make the transaction process as simple as possible.

Features of the BluePay payment gateway include:

  • Tokenization
  • ACH payments
  • Level 2 processing
  • Secure hosted payment forms
  • Accounting software integration
  • Large ticket processing

It’s easy to switch! Contact us today for more information on our all-in-one payment gateway solutions. For news and updates, follow @BluePay on Twitter.

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