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Why Accept Credit Cards Online?

If your business is finally delving into e-commerce, an all-in-one payment processing service is your new best friend. But for business owners who aren’t tech savvy, accepting credit cards online may seem daunting. Many simply choose to abandon e-commerce dreams and stick to brick-and-mortar sales. Unfortunately, this means missing it out on potential sales.

Here are three hard-to-ignore reasons for accepting credit card payments online. 

  • The majority of online shoppers pay with credit cards.

About 90 percent of all transactions carried out online are paid for using credit cards, which means accepting online payment via credit cards is an essential for e-commerce sites. Down the road you might consider offering other options, but first focus on setting up a reliable system for accepting credit card payments. 

  • A growing share of retail sales take place online

Businesses across a variety of industries realize the importance of online marketing and online selling. Electronic payment processing is an important part of taking full advantage of the online opportunities to market your products and services. No matter what product or service you provide, accepting credit cards online lets you compete for a share of the market.  

  • Accepting credit card payments online is simple

Naturally, credit card companies want the cards they offer to be used as frequently as possible. Therefore, they design payment processes and policies to facilitate frequent use of their cards. This works to the advantage of your small business. Since using a credit card to purchase items and services is simple and quick, more customers will turn to your company for services both online and off. 

Online credit card payments also reduce errors: By integrating seamlessly with QuickBooks and other accounting software, your payment processor can help you reduce accounting mistakes and spend less time inputting data.

Here’s another advantage for businesses with recurring billing: Improved cash flow. When you send recurring electronic invoices, customers can pay you through your website as soon as they receive your invoices, so you get paid faster.

If you’re ready to start accepting credit cards on your website, call us to get started. We’ve worked with businesses just like yours and we’re ready to help you!

Topics: E-Commerce and Online Payments

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