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What to Consider When Choosing Credit Card Processing Equipment

The right credit card processing equipment allows merchants to accept credit cards for business safely and efficiently. Merchants can choose between different types of merchant account equipment to best fit their needs, whether they run a fine dining establishment or an e-commerce store.

Here, we’ll explore the questions commonly asked when choosing credit card processing equipment for business.

Why accept credit cards? Accepting credit cards for business has become crucial for merchants looking to expand their customer base, as consumers rely more on credit and debit cards and less on cash for making purchases. With today’s advanced technology and payment processing innovations, credit cards can be accepted securely and easily from virtually anywhere.
What features and options are available? Basic features of a traditional credit card terminal include a magnetic stripe reader for swiping cards, a keypad for entering data manually, and a display and printer for recording information. An external PIN pad allows customers to enter their PIN numbers securely and privately. Merchant account equipment can also process checks and gift and loyalty cards.
What type of connection should I use? The type of connection you choose depends on your business’ needs and goals. Landline connections are reliable and inexpensive, ideal for brick-and-mortar businesses and retailers that deal only with face-to-face transactions at one location. Ethernet connections work for companies that use the Internet for business operations, providing fast, secure connections. Wireless equipment works wherever your business takes you – for example, if you repair heaters at various locations and would still like to accept credit cards off-site.
What is mobile credit card processing equipment? With the increasing popularity of smart phones, iPhones and other mobile devices, the ability to process credit cards from your phone has become a valuable tool for many businesses. With mobile processing applications that can be downloaded to any phone, there is no need to buy additional hardware.

When choosing credit card processing equipment, always be sure to comply with PCI standards and keep your customers and business safe. Contact BluePay today to learn more about quality merchant account equipment and terminals. Follow BluePay on Twitter for company and credit card processing industry updates.

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