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What Is The Best Way For My Nonprofit To Secure Donations?

If you run a nonprofit, there are many ways to collect contributions from donors, including by phone, mail and in person — but taking your giving campaigns online provides you with several important advantages:

  • You can expand your reach and tap into donors all over the globe.
  • Online giving is instantaneous, providing you with faster access to contributions.
  • You can fundraise around the clock, even after business hours.
  • It's easy to integrate social media and email marketing with your online campaigns.

How exactly do you set up online giving?

Fortunately, you have several options.

Secure Donations Directly Through Your Website

Accepting contributions on your website is probably the most popular approach.  Most nonprofits set up a merchant account and either a payment gateway or a hosted payment form. Either solutions allows your nonprofit to accept credit cards, debit cards and ACH transactions.

Secure Donations Via Off-Site Web Properties

Many nonprofits prefer hosting their donor campaigns on websites they don't own. Online giving aggregators provide you with a platform to spread your message and connect with potential contributors. They typically carry higher fees, but they provide you with much wider exposure and valuable trust signals.

Some of the more popular online giving aggregators include:

  • Razoo (4.9 percent in fees)
  • FirstGiving (7.5 percent in fees)
  • Network for Good’s DonateNow (5 percent in fees)

For one-off campaigns, you might be better off with a crowdfunding site in which you set a specific fundraising goal with a fixed deadline. Again, crowdfunding sites are more expensive, but they provide you with a lot more exposure.

Two of the biggest such sites:

  • Indiegogo (5 percent in fees)
  • Kickstarter (5 precent in fees)

It's worth noting that some crowdfunding sites don't pay out if you fail to reach your fundraising goal. The money goes back to contributors, so be careful.

The last off-site option is social media. Not only can you use these platforms to raise awareness of your cause, but it’s also possible to collect funds directly.  Facebook, for example, allows nonprofits to build dedicated pages and add a "donate" button. As a bonus, there are no fees associated with this approach.

Is Online Giving Right for Your Nonprofit?

In most cases, the answer is “yes.” However, it's important that you set up your campaigns properly. Donor fraud is a real concern, especially in the online world.

At BluePay, we specialize in PCI-compliant payment processing to ensure that your contributions remain secure. In addition, we provide tokenization, and fraud management tools to further safeguard your donations.

We also offer two additional tools designed to make online giving even easier:

  • Recurring billing allows you to automatically collect donations on an ongoing basis — without having to send new requests to contributors.
  • Payment integration lets you automatically sync donations with your CRM suite. We even support YourMembership eCatholic and evrconnect — platforms that were specifically designed for nonprofits.

To learn more about ABCs of nonprofit payment solutions, contact us today.

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