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We’re Giving You 500 Reasons to Switch

The BluePay Challenge is still on!

Do you have an existing merchant account with another provider, but are tired of the high processing rates, the hassle of third-party gateways, or the spotty customer service? We’re giving you 500 reasons to switch to BluePay: If we can’t help you save money, we’ll give you $500 just for letting us try.

Switching Is Easy

Give us a call! Our merchant account specialists will work closely with you to make the transition as simple as possible. We’ll transfer your account information to your new BluePay account, and can have most accounts activated and operating within 24 to 48 hours. You’ll still be able to accept credit cards through the transfer process, so your business remains up and running without any lost time or money.

 An All-In-One Credit Card Processing Solution

When you switch to BluePay, you have access to a full suite of credit card processing products designed to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re a retailer in need of secure credit card terminals, or a small business owner looking to expand to e-commerce, we’ve got the processing solutions for you. Our products include virtual credit card terminals, ACH payment processing, tokenization, secure hosted payment forms, mobile credit card processing and more. We combine our products with a secure payment gateway, for the services you need all under one roof and on one simple statement.

Give us a call today to take the BluePay Challenge, and start making the switch!

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