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Using Mobile Donations to Increase Giving

If your organization already accepts charitable contributions via cash, checks and credit cards, you’re doing pretty well. Together, these payment options represent the lion’s share of all donations.

 However, if you aren’t set up for mobile payments yet, you’re leaving potential contributions on the table:

  • By 2015, nearly 1 in 7 donors contributed using their smart devices.

Mobile giving would likely represent an even larger slice of the pie if more organizations were set up to accept contributions made via smartphones and tablets.

Clearly, there is a lot of potential there, but how do you even get started with mobile giving?

Setting Up Your Organization to Accept Mobile Contributions

When it comes to mobile giving, there are lots of options, including:

  • Mobile payment processing in which you turn your smartphone into a portable POS terminal.
  • E-commerce payment processing — provided your tablet or phone has a large enough screen.

Thanks to services like mGood and Hipcricket, you can even have your donors contribute via text message. This is an incredibly effective strategy given that 97 percent of adult smartphone owners send texts on a daily basis. 

Are There Any Downsides to Mobile Giving?

Accepting mobile payments is a fantastic way to boost charitable giving. However, there are two potential challenges you might face when starting — namely security and reporting.

1. Security

Many organizations overlook the importance of payment security, but thieves don’t care whether you’re a nonprofit or not. All credit card details are fair game in their eyes.

To protect yourself, choose a PCI-compliant payment processor that specializes in data security. If you’re really concerned about keeping your donors’ credit card details safe, ensure your processor offers tokenization and point-to-point encryption, as well.

2. Reporting

The more payment options you provide to your donors, the more money you can raise. Though now you have to capture, report and manage payment details across multiple channels. This can become overwhelming — especially if you currently balance your books by hand.

Yet, with payment integration, it’s possible to have all incoming donations automatically sync with the accounting and membership software you already use. Regardless of their origin, all contributions are instantly captured and logged the moment they enter your payment environment.

How We Can Help Your Organization Increase Mobile Donations

We specialize in mobile payment processing, with many of our PCI-compliant solutions specifically designed for churches, nonprofits and other charitable organizations.

Moreover, we offer a number of additional tools to help you supercharge your fundraising efforts. We’ve already covered payment integration, but some of our other popular services include: 

  • ACH payments so you’re not limited to cash, checks and credit cards.

 Interested in making your next fundraising campaign your most successful one yet? We're happy to help. 

Get a free consultation today!


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