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Using Fraud Management Tools to Protect Your Online Business: Card issue Country Filter

Have you ever been contacted by a Nigerian prince about unclaimed riches?

How about an Indonesian banker with an exciting business opportunity?

These sorts of things happen all the time, and while Nigeria and Indonesia may top the list when it comes to online scams, fraudsters live all over the globe. Given the speed and anonymity of online shopping, the cyber criminals of today are no longer restricted by geography.

Though if the bulk of your legitimate customers live in just a handful of countries, why leave yourself exposed to potential fraudulent attacks? With the right setup, you can instantly weed out undesirables before they even have a chance to initiate transactions.

In fact, this is precisely what BluePay's Card Issuing Country filter was designed to do.

How Does the Card Issuing Country Filter Work?

When you log into the BluePay Gateway, you can set up the Card Issuing Country filter to accept payments from a list of “trusted” countries — i.e., places where you know your legitimate customers reside. The default countries are the United States and Canada, but you can customize this list any way you choose.

Whenever an online buyer tries to make a purchase in your checkout cart, BluePay does an automatic “bank identification number” (BIN) lookup using the first six digits of the customer’s card number. With this information, we’re able to determine the origin of that card.

Thereafter, the Card Issuing Country filter does an instant check to see if the country of origin is on your “trusted” list:

  • If it is, the transaction goes through.
  • If it isn't, the transaction gets declined.

As this video demo illustrates, it really is that simple, and the verification process happens instantaneously — behind the scenes.

Once the Card Issuing Country filter is configured, you won't have to worry about Nigerian princes, Indonesian bankers or anyone from “non-trusted” countries trying to do business with you.

A quick word of warning, however ...

Use the Card Issuing Country Filter With Caution

If you don't offer international shipping, there's little reason to accept international payments.

Yet what happens when a foreign tourist is trying to buy while visiting your home country? You don't want to lose that potential sale simply because the customer's bank of origin is abroad.

To avoid lost revenues, we recommend combining the Card Issuing Country filter with our Geo IP Tracking tool. This additional feature allows you to block transactions made from specific countries — regardless of where the card-issuing bank resides.

In fact, you can combine the Card Issuing Country filter with any of our other fraud management solutions to ensure your business benefits from the most flexible and robust security protection.

Previous articles have already covered the Velocity, On-Hold, Threshold, AVS, and CVV filters. In the next post, we'll take a closer look at Geo IP Tracking.

In the meantime, if you have questions about BluePay’s fraud management services:


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