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Trade Shows: Creating Brand Awareness

At BluePay, we are actively raising awareness of our unique product offerings and how they can benefit our merchants and partners. One of the ways we accomplish this is by sponsoring, exhibiting, and attending trade shows and user conferences around the country. 

In fact, BluePay averages about 20 such events a year, which comes out to a new trade show every 18-19 days.

These events are expensive. In addition to registration fees, setup costs and sponsorships, we also have to factor in travel expenses. Plus, every day spent off-site is time away from our core business.

So why do we do it?

How Trade Shows Benefit BluePay and Its Partners

At BluePay, we don't see these events as traditional expenses. They are investments that pay tangible dividends — both to our partners and to us.

We help raise brand awareness for our partners so that more end users have access to their products and services. These trade shows allow us to spread the word and help our partners expand their reach.

However, we also benefit from these exhibitions and sponsorships:

  • Attending trade shows allows us to meet more people — and by extension, more potential clients.
  • These events provide us with opportunities to demonstrate many of our payment solutions. Mobile credit card processing, virtual terminals and Tablet Point of Sale (POS) are all technologies that lend themselves to off-site conferences. Users can see exactly how these payment solutions work in the real world.
  • Each of these trade shows also provides opportunities to learn more about the industry, including the challenges that our clients face and how their needs continue to evolve in today's competitive business climate. Being on the ground allows us to glean many more insights than we could from our offices.

Trade Shows: Past, Present and Future

If you click on our News Page, you can get an overview of off-site events we've attended in recent years. Note that it’s not simply the quantity of trade shows and conferences (although we’ve been very busy), but it’s also the variety of events. From environmental expos to hospitality trade shows to sporting events to nonprofit conferences, we make it our mission to understand the diverse needs of stakeholders in as many different industries as possible.

Some highlights from this list include:

  • National Restaurant Association Show
  • Small Business Expo, Chicago & New York
  • 2014 PGA Tour
  • Goldman Sachs Enterprise Cloud Conference
  • Hispanic Business Expo
  • Better Business Bureau Torch Awards
  • WasteExpo and Waste360 Recycling Summit
  • Keystone Innkeepers Assembly
  • Nonprofit Technology Conference

The months ahead are equally jam-packed with trade shows nationwide. Be sure to visit our Events Page to see what’s on the horizon. If you live in a city listed on our itinerary, we’d love to meet you in person. 

To learn more about becoming a BluePay partner or having us sponsor one of your trade shows, click on the links below.

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