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BluePay Blog

How 6 Industries Are Adjusting to Digital Transformation

Posted on Aug 20, 2019
Digital transformation is happening all around us as our lives become more dependent on internet technology. Yet, whereas much of this transition is driven by consumer desire for ease, speed, and convenience, businesses are sometimes reluctant to make the requisite investments to meet this growing demand for digitization. Doing so is often seen as prohibitively expensive.
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Topics: Software and Payment Integration, Mobile Payments, E-Commerce and Online Payments, Payment Technology, Payment Trends

Why You Need an Inventory Management App for Your Business

Posted on Feb 26, 2019
When you launch a store or restaurant, managing inventory is relatively straightforward. As items come and go, you can track everything using nothing more than a simple spreadsheet.  Yet, this inventory management system isn’t sustainable for long:  It’s incredibly time-consuming to track inventory and update records by hand.  You have to “eyeball” when stock is getting low — this can be hit or miss.
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Topics: Software and Payment Integration, Small Business Tips

What is the API Economy?

Posted on Oct 05, 2018
In recent years, we've heard about the shared economy and the on-demand economy. Now, there's the API economy. With each economy that emerges, it's important to know what it involves and how you can become a part of it to leverage any relevant benefits for your business. Although this meaning of economy is slightly different, it's important to know what it involves because today's businesses do need to consider leveraging APIs to service unique customer needs and expectations.
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Topics: Software and Payment Integration, B2B, Partner Posts, Payment Technology, ISV/VAR

3 Tips for Integrating to a Payment Gateway

Posted on Sep 21, 2018
Weaving payment tools into the applications you build was once seen as a major cost for independent software vendors (ISVs):  You have to invest more development time to integrate payments. Your clients become more exposed to security risk (i.e., fraud). You have to worry about payment-related patches and updates.  While these costs haven’t disappeared, the ability to provide a frictionless payment experience allows you to reach a much larger audience. End-users want turn-key solutions, not patchworks of third-party add-ons. 
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Topics: Software and Payment Integration, E-Commerce and Online Payments, Consideration, ISV/VAR

6 Payment Security Tips for ISVs

Posted on Aug 28, 2018
Open source contamination is the bane of many independent software vendors (ISVs). If even a tiny snippet of open source code makes it into your build, the entire application might legally be reclassified as “open source.”  To avoid this, developers must invest a lot of time creating bespoke code entirely from scratch. As an ISV, there’s another type of “contamination” of which you need to be aware — one that has to do with payment security. Or more specifically, PCI compliance. 
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Topics: Software and Payment Integration, Payment Technology, PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention, ISV/VAR

How Can I Take Advantage of Payment Integrations for My Small Business?

Posted on Aug 07, 2017
Payment integration can work a number of ways with your small business to make sure you can provide as many payment options as possible while delivering a great customer experience, high security, and full compliance.
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Topics: Software and Payment Integration, Partner Posts, Payment Technology, Small Business Tips, Getting Started with Payments, Consideration

5 Tips for Choosing the Right CRM For Your Association

Posted on Apr 05, 2017
If you’re dealing with only a trickle of donations or sales, managing these incoming transactions by hand is relatively easy. But as your organization grows, you need dedicated tools to help you manage your members and transactions.
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Topics: Software and Payment Integration, E-Commerce and Online Payments, Getting Started with Payments

What Are Integrated Payments And How Can They Help Your Business?

Posted on Feb 16, 2017
Integrating payment technology within the software you use to run your business will make it possible to streamline operations. Integrated payments provide greater accuracy and time savings, as you don't need to manually enter transactions from one platform to another. With all your transactions in one place, reporting and reconciliation become a breeze. Integrated payments make relationship management, accounting, and payment processing all work seamlessly together.
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Topics: Software and Payment Integration, ISV/VAR

Is QuickBooks Payment Processing Secure?

Posted on Feb 16, 2017
QuickBooks is one of the most trusted accounting platforms on the planet, with more than 3 million users around the globe. In fact, Intuit’s accounting software enjoys nearly 75 percent market share, creating very little room for other bookkeeping solutions.
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Topics: Software and Payment Integration, PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention

Is a Lack of Accounting Software Hurting Your Small Business?

Posted on Feb 16, 2017
Whether you’re a busy solopreneur, a boutique shop owner, or an event planner with employees who depend on you, accounting software is a powerful tool in your small business toolbox. But if you’re like many cash-strapped small businesses, maybe you’ve decided to skimp on software.
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Topics: Software and Payment Integration

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