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Fitbit Pay and Other Fitness Tracker Payments

Posted on Jul 09, 2018
With nearly 20 percent market share, Fitbit is arguably the most popular wearable technology in the world. These personal fitness trackers can monitor everything from your heart rate to steps taken to sleep patterns. With more than 25 million active users, Fitbit continues to rake in billions of dollars every year — all through sales of its wearable devices.  But the company believes its Fitbit can become more than just a fitness tracker. In 2018, it added mobile payments to its growing line of wearable tech.
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Topics: Payment Trends, Small Business Tips, Payment Technology, EMV

Mind Reader Technology: Would You Like a Machine That Listens to Your Brain?

Posted on Jul 03, 2018
With the introduction of voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa and OK Google, users were finally liberated from the mouse and keyboard. Instead of typing queries, users can simply speak their choices, whether they want to:  Do an Internet search Jump to the next song Raise the thermostat  Voice-activated shopping has also flourished in recent years. In 2017, sales made through voice assistants approached $2 billion. By 2022, experts believe that number could exceed $40 billion — in just the United States and United Kingdom alone. 
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Topics: Payment Trends, Payment Technology

Hit the Road with In-Car Payments

Posted on Jun 29, 2018
It was bound to happen. Sooner or later, cars would join the pantheon of mobile payment technologies — a list that already includes smartphones, tablets and an entire range of wearables.  Although in-car payments are still relatively new, this technology allows users to fill their gas tanks, pay for parking, or drive through highway tolls — all from the comfort of their vehicles. 
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Topics: Payment Trends, Payment Technology, Mobile Payments

From Chip-and-Pin to Chip-and-Skin

Posted on Jun 25, 2018
Over the last few years, chip-and-PIN has been heralded as the gold standard in payment security. These EMV credit cards come with embedded chips that are next to impossible to clone. To initiate an in-store payment, customers must input a personal identification number (PIN) that only they know.  Additionally, mobile payments and wearable technologies continue to grow in popularity every year. In fact, experts predict that annual in-store sales generated through smart devices could exceed $500 billion by 2020 — in the United States alone. 
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Topics: Payment Trends, PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention, Mobile Payments, EMV, Payment Technology

Father's Day Spending Trends

Posted on Jun 15, 2018
Father’s Day may not receive the same recognition and fanfare as Mother’s Day, but with domestic sales approaching $15.5 billion, this annual event isn’t a shopping holiday you can afford to ignore.  In fact, roughly 75 percent of Americans purchase some sort of gift for Father’s Day. When you run the numbers, this means the average son or daughter spends more than $130 on their dads.  So, ask yourself … is your retail store positioned to take advantage of these Father’s Day shopping trends? Let’s take a look.
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Topics: Fun Posts, Payment Trends, Small Business Tips

Google Pay vs. Google Wallet: What's Different?

Posted on Jun 01, 2018
There wasn’t a whole lot of fanfare surrounding the 2011 launch of Google Wallet — a mobile payment technology that allowed users to shop in stores or send money to friends and family members.  For starters, PayPal had already cornered the peer-to-peer (P2P) payment market, leaving little room for Google’s new service. And mobile payments were still a relatively untested technology throughout the retail industry.  Google Wallet may have been a cool service, but there simply wasn’t a burning need for what the platform offered. 
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Topics: Payment Trends, Payment Technology, E-Commerce and Online Payments, Mobile Payments

How Cognitive Technology is Changing Payments and Payment Security

Posted on May 18, 2018
Technology has forever changed payments and how we conduct transactions, both as businesses and as consumers. It's advancements in technology that are moving a world from paper currency to digital transactions. And, it's devices, like smartphones, that are convincing more people to change how they buy things.  Yet, as we know, online and mobile payments are not convincing for everyone. And, that's because of the continual news about fraud and data hacking. With payment security still a concern, we return to technologists to help us out. Cognitive technology is one potential strategy that is now being further developed that could be the game changer for payments and payment security. Here's why.
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Topics: Payment Trends, Payment Technology

Are Social Payments for You?

Posted on May 10, 2018
Paying through Facebook Messenger began over four years ago. It signaled a new way to make payments that have since spread to other social media platforms like Snapchat. Now, you can even make a payment through Skype. Due to the use of mobile devices and the instantaneous expectations of today's consumers, it's no wonder that social payments have exploded.
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Topics: Payment Trends, Small Business Tips, E-Commerce and Online Payments, Partner Posts, Payment Technology

Litecoin Versus Bitcoin: What are the Differences?

Posted on May 04, 2018
Introduced in 2009, Bitcoin was the world’s first-ever cryptocurrency.  It isn’t backed by any government. It’s not subject to banking regulations. It’s not controlled by any organization.  Instead, Bitcoin is a decentralized, digital currency that users can trade anonymously peer to peer. All transactions are encrypted and recorded in a public ledger, making Bitcoin largely immune to hacking or fraud. 
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Topics: Payment Trends, E-Commerce and Online Payments

How Quick is Quick Chip?

Posted on May 02, 2018
There’s a reason why the EMV credit card standard has been adopted globally. These chip-enabled cards are far more secure than their mag-stripe counterparts.  Whereas magnetic stripes are relatively easy to clone and forge, EMV cards are not. This makes in-store retail fraud more difficult. For a transaction to process successfully, the security chip must be physically present at the point of sale. 
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Topics: Payment Trends, Payment Technology, PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention, EMV

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