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BluePay Blog

What Are Closed Loop Mobile Payments?

Posted on Jul 06, 2017
Have you ever bought a gift card or prepaid phone card? If so, then you’re already familiar with the concept of a “closed loop payment network.” With this payment option, you basically purchase a pre-loaded card that can only be used within specific environments — i.e., that particular retail store or mobile network. 
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Topics: Payment Technology

Batch Credit Card Processing Services

Posted on Jun 30, 2017
If you’re like most merchants, you enjoy making sales — but not the tedious process of manually uploading every transaction as it comes through.
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Topics: Payment Technology

Why are There So Many Different Kinds of Credit Cards?

Posted on Jun 20, 2017
There are literally hundreds of credit cards available to consumers and business people from different credit card brands, banks, and affiliate brands. With so many choices, it would seem like it wouldn’t make sense to keep introducing new types of credit cards, but they appear near daily with some other type of spin or offers.
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Topics: Partner Posts, Guest Blog Posts, Payment Technology

How to Invoice Customers More Efficiently

Posted on Jun 14, 2017
Everyone enjoys receiving money, but no one enjoys chasing down money. As unpleasant as this process is, invoicing clients is an unavoidable aspect of running a successful business.
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Topics: Payment Technology

Online Fraud Continues to Grow But So Do Security Measures

Posted on Jun 08, 2017
Many consumers and businesses worry about online retailers and their security measures for payment and personal data, but the data breaches in 2016 also indicated that it is not always an online transaction that can involve fraud.
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Topics: Payment Technology, PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention

Interchange Optimization: How to Identify Areas of Improvement

Posted on Jun 06, 2017
You may not be familiar with the term, interchange optimization, but you will want to understand what it means and how this can impact your business and your bottom line.
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Topics: B2B, Partner Posts, Guest Blog Posts, Payment Technology

Understanding the Benefits of Virtual Terminals

Posted on May 31, 2017
As an online retailer, you usually need a shopping cart or hosted payment form to accept credit cards. If you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer, you can use physical POS terminals to securely process payments.
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Topics: Payment Technology, Getting Started with Payments

Emerging Trends in Mobile Payment Processing

Posted on May 17, 2017
It seems like mobile devices handle everything for consumers and business owners, including shopping, social lives, errands and bill pay -- just to name a few of the daily tasks that can be completed using a mobile phone these days. Businesses have been wise to make the use of the mobile for as many payments as possible, because these devices travel with us everywhere.
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Topics: Partner Posts, Guest Blog Posts, Mobile Payments, Payment Technology

6 Benefits of Using Online Payment Forms

Posted on May 05, 2017
BluePay is pleased to bring you this valuable information from our partner, JotForm, an easy-to-use online form builder helping businesses meet their unique needs. Learn more about BluePay’s new integration partnership with JotForm here.  Whether you run an e-commerce website, manage a nonprofit, or direct a school, online payment forms are a simple and secure way to accept credit, debit or ACH payments for goods, services, donations and more.
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Topics: Guest Blog Posts, E-Commerce and Online Payments, Payment Technology

How Technology Has Changed Small Business

Posted on May 03, 2017
Twenty years ago, there was no Google, YouTube or Facebook. In fact, many of the businesses you’re familiar with today have relatively recent origins. They started small, but eventually grew to become major brands. All this was made possible with the Internet — a democratizing platform that allows small businesses to compete with the big boys.
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Topics: Payment Technology, Small Business Tips, Payment Trends

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