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6 Reasons Why Your Church Needs Online Giving Options

Posted on Apr 16, 2019
Because of their nonprofit, tax-exempt status, churches must survive on the goodwill of their members. Yet, many congregations still rely on cash-based donations to raise funds.  There’s nothing wrong with this approach. In fact, many successful stores only accept cash, as well. It’s possible to do just fine with this strategy.
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Topics: Recurring Billing and Electronic Invoicing, E-Commerce and Online Payments, Nonprofits, Awareness

3 Ways to Change the World with Your Small Business

Posted on Jan 24, 2019
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and social good have often been viewed as strategies for global enterprises to undertake. Rarely is the concept attributed to small businesses, perhaps because of the perceived cost or the idea that it has to be a big effort or it won’t actually change the world.  However, what is working is when more businesses of any size take small steps and implement even the most minor changes to how they work or how they view their overall goals.
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Topics: Partner Posts, Nonprofits, Small Business Tips

Using Mobile Donations to Increase Giving

Posted on Mar 24, 2017
If your organization already accepts charitable contributions via cash, checks and credit cards, you’re doing pretty well. Together, these payment options represent the lion’s share of all donations.  However, if you aren’t set up for mobile payments yet, you’re leaving potential contributions on the table: During the 2014 “giving season,” roughly 1 in 10 donors gave money using their mobile devices By 2015, nearly 1 in 7 donors contributed using their smart devices.
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Topics: Nonprofits, Getting Started with Payments

How To Easily Accept Donations For Your Nonprofit Organizations

Posted on Mar 22, 2017
Every penny makes a difference, which is why your nonprofit should accept liquid currency during donation drives. Though if you rely solely on cash, you may be leaving money on the table. This is because many donors prefer making contributions using other payment methods. In fact, a growing percentage of Americans don't carry cash at all — and those who do rarely carry large amounts. Checks are another popular option, although this payment method carries certain drawbacks. When you factor in the time and materials required to send, receive and process each paper-based check, the costs quickly add up. Many organizations spend anywhere from $4 to $20 for every check received. How can you more easily accept donations for your nonprofit organization?
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Topics: Nonprofits, Getting Started with Payments

Understanding the Basics of PCI Compliance

Posted on Feb 16, 2017
The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), comprised of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB, is in charge of establishing minimum safety standards for how credit card payment information is captured, sent, processed and stored. Remaining compliant with these guidelines is mandatory for all organizations that handle credit card data of any kind.
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Topics: PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention, Nonprofits, Small Business Tips, Getting Started with Payments

Benefits of Using a Virtual Terminal

Posted on Feb 16, 2017
If you operate a brick-and-mortar store, accepting credit card payments is easy. All you need is a merchant account and POS terminal. If you run an e-commerce store, you’ll need a payment gateway.
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Topics: Payment Technology, Nonprofits, Small Business Tips

6 Ways to Secure More Online Donations

Posted on Feb 16, 2017
BluePay is pleased to bring you this valuable information from our partner, Z2 Systems, Inc., the creator of NeonCRM, a cloud-based software made specifically for nonprofits. To learn more about the BluePay and Z2 Systems partnership, visit the partner page on our site.
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Topics: Guest Blog Posts, E-Commerce and Online Payments, Nonprofits, Small Business Tips

5 Things to Consider When Choosing The Right Payment Processing Solutions For Your Business

Posted on Feb 16, 2017
There are more payment processing options than ever before — many of them designed for very specific niches. This is a good thing, given the sheer diversity of payment preferences — especially across age groups, business types and technologies.
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Topics: Payment Technology, Nonprofits, Small Business Tips, Enterprise Business Tips, Getting Started with Payments

What Is The Best Way For My Nonprofit To Secure Donations?

Posted on Feb 16, 2017
If you run a nonprofit, there are many ways to collect contributions from donors, including by phone, mail and in person — but taking your giving campaigns online provides you with several important advantages:
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Topics: E-Commerce and Online Payments, Nonprofits, Small Business Tips

3 Credit Card Processing Alternatives for Non-Profits

Posted on Feb 16, 2017
For most non-profits, making the donation process as convenient as possible is vital to meeting revenue goals. Text-to-donate, online giving, and mobile credit card processing are the new tools of non-profit fundraising.
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Topics: Nonprofits

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