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The Reality of a Data Breach: One Small Business Owner's Story [Video]

Posted on Oct 24, 2017
As a small business owner, you may be prone to thinking you’re untouchable when it comes to experiencing a data breach; however, you are the perfect target for fraudsters. Typically, SMBs are more vulnerable because they may not want to invest in an equipment upgrade or hire a dedicated IT security staff.
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Topics: PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention, Guest Blog Posts

3 Ways Online Invoicing Can Make Your Employees More Efficient

Posted on Sep 26, 2017
BluePay is pleased to bring you this valuable information from our partner, Invoiced, an online billing solution helping businesses get to market quicker, experiment with new billing models, and grow with enhanced cash flow. Learn more about BluePay’s integration partnership with Invoiced here.
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Topics: BluePay Partners, Guest Blog Posts, Recurring Billing and Electronic Invoicing

Top 5 Payment Processing Challenges for Small Businesses

Posted on Aug 01, 2017
Small businesses often struggle to compete with the bigger competitors out there that have significantly more infrastructure and resources at their disposal. However, the online environment and technology that has developed from it has leveled the playing field for many small businesses, helping them reach the same target audiences as the larger firms and provide significant growth opportunities. Technology continues to change how we can pay and accept payments. Albeit much more positive, challenges do remain for small businesses particularly in the area of payment processing.
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Topics: Small Business Tips, Awareness, Partner Posts, Guest Blog Posts, PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention, E-Commerce and Online Payments, Payment Technology

How to Make eCommerce Payments Easier for Customers

Posted on Jul 24, 2017
Part of an exceptional customer experience is to make the payment process as easy and convenient as possible. The faster customers can get their transaction completed in a secure and accurate way, the more likely they are to return for future purchases and recommend you to others. Easier also means greater convenience, variety, and security with every transaction.
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Topics: Payment Technology, E-Commerce and Online Payments, Partner Posts, Guest Blog Posts

What Types of Businesses are Most Affected by Chargebacks?

Posted on Jul 18, 2017
Chargebacks are becoming one of the biggest payment challenges for businesses of all sizes today. While some chargebacks are completely legitimate, it turns out that fraudsters have figured out a way to get more free merchandise using this refund technique. This becomes especially true when it turns out that credit card issuers, like banks, often rule for the cardholder (or fraudster posing as the card holder). Although any business can fall victim to this type of fraud, there are some businesses that have been identified as being more likely to be affected. These businesses are then labeled high risk by credit card processing companies and must contend with higher fees or the inability to even get a merchant account.
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Topics: Small Business Tips, Enterprise Business Tips, Guest Blog Posts, Partner Posts

Ensure Your Transactions are Secure with These 5 Simple Steps

Posted on Jul 10, 2017
As a merchant or business owner, secure transactions are key to the trusting relationships you build with your customers. Your customers want to trust that you will keep their cardholder information secure and free from any theft or fraud.
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Topics: Getting Started with Payments, PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention, Payment Technology, Guest Blog Posts, Partner Posts

How to Reduce the Storing of Customers’ Payment Data

Posted on Jun 26, 2017
More cases of compromised credit card information in recent data breaches are impacting the ever-increasing requirements of the proper handling of cardholder data.
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Topics: Small Business Tips, Enterprise Business Tips, PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention, Guest Blog Posts, Partner Posts

Why are There So Many Different Kinds of Credit Cards?

Posted on Jun 20, 2017
There are literally hundreds of credit cards available to consumers and business people from different credit card brands, banks, and affiliate brands. With so many choices, it would seem like it wouldn’t make sense to keep introducing new types of credit cards, but they appear near daily with some other type of spin or offers.
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Topics: Guest Blog Posts, Partner Posts, Payment Technology

Interchange Optimization: How to Identify Areas of Improvement

Posted on Jun 06, 2017
You may not be familiar with the term, interchange optimization, but you will want to understand what it means and how this can impact your business and your bottom line.
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Topics: Partner Posts, Guest Blog Posts, B2B, Payment Technology

How are Business Credit Cards Different?

Posted on May 23, 2017
Not all credit cards were created for the purpose of individual customer purchases. While primarily a consumer-oriented product, the advantages of using credit cards for business soon emerged to the point where a whole new market was created in which the card associations like Visa and MasterCard saw the potential of developing a line of business credit cards.
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Topics: Getting Started with Payments, Partner Posts, Guest Blog Posts

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