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Year-End Checklist for Small Businesses

Posted on Sep 25, 2018
The end of 2018 is fast approaching, with three-quarters of it nearly over. And, the last quarter may go by quicker than you think, due to the holidays and numerous events on the calendar. That's why it's important to start putting together what you'll need to recap the year financially and strategically. Doing so will make tax preparation easier and set some benchmarks for you to make improvements to the business in 2019.
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Topics: Small Business Tips, Partner Posts

5 Creative Ideas for Holiday Marketing

Posted on Sep 13, 2018
Still months away, this is the time of year that many retailers are already deep into their holiday marketing plans. This includes having a content calendar ready to go, as well as a detailed strategy for how each channel will be addressed. And, while that structure provides a great framework for covering all marketing bases, it may not provide a way to truly stand out if you are implementing the same tactics and approach as the competition. 
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Topics: Fun Posts, Small Business Tips, Partner Posts

What is Authorized Push Payment Fraud?

Posted on Sep 07, 2018
As payment technologies expand, so does fraud. Now, payment fraud knows no geographical boundaries. In fact, some countries offer a glimpse into new types of fraud that is sure to impact other countries. For example, the UK has noticed an increase in what is called authorized push payment fraud. New statistics from UK Finance found 19,000 victims of authorized push payment scams that totaled more than £100 million ($130 million) just in the first six months of 2017.
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Topics: PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention, Partner Posts

7 Changes to Make to Your Business Before 2018 Ends

Posted on Aug 30, 2018
Since the year is nearly two-thirds in the books, you might think it’s too late to make changes that will positively impact 2018 results. However, it's never too late to adopt a best practice, tweak a process, or add a new strategy that delivers some type of result. Here are seven changes for your small business that can help achieve improvements in customer engagement, payment security, and profitability:
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Topics: Small Business Tips, Partner Posts

5 Best Practices for Identity Verification

Posted on Aug 20, 2018
Reaching a larger target audience online and creating lifelong customers is a game changer for small business owners like freelancers, startup founders, and even established brick-and-mortar retailers. Online payment technology has led to fast and convenient checkouts so customers enjoy a great experience with you.  However, there's just one problem -- and it's a big one: online identity fraud.
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Topics: PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention, E-Commerce and Online Payments, Partner Posts

Is Your Business Disaster-Proof? 5 Steps for Business Continuity

Posted on Aug 08, 2018
Planning for daily operations and long-term success can be challenging enough for a business owner. That might be the reason why many put off creating a business continuity plan. They are so overwhelmed by all the other demands business creates. However, ignoring this planning can cost you more than you realize in terms of revenue, brand reputation, and finances, should a disaster occur. 
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Topics: Small Business Tips, Partner Posts

What Part of Your Small Business Should You Move to the Cloud?

Posted on Jul 31, 2018
Running a small business means everything is on a smaller scale. However, that doesn't mean it's any easier. This is especially true if you are a one-man band or have a few remote employees. In managing your work and life, you are most likely always on the go and tuned into your mobile device. It's the migration to the mobile world and remote resources that led to the emergence of cloud services. 
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Topics: Small Business Tips, E-Commerce and Online Payments, ISV/VAR, Partner Posts

15 New Small Business Apps to Start Using Now

Posted on Jul 17, 2018
Apps for your smartphone and tablet have certainly made it easy to work from anywhere at any time. Every year, more app developers realize the opportunity they have to help small business owners work smarter and achieve their business goals. This year is no different, with a wide range of new apps for small business owners available to download and use right now. Here are 15 to start you off:
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Topics: Partner Posts, Small Business Tips, Fun Posts

7 Ideas for Boosting Summer Revenue

Posted on Jul 05, 2018
Summer is a favorite time of year for most people. For businesses, it may not be the ideal season. With consumers often opting to spend money on vacations, summer revenue tends to stagnate and even drop. In fact, it is so common that many businesses plan for it by suggesting that their teams take their vacations. Projects and campaigns get shelved. 
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Topics: Small Business Tips, Partner Posts

Best Cities for Small Business Owners

Posted on Jun 27, 2018
Small business owners often think they have the most chance of making it in larger cities. The idea is that these metropolitan spaces typically offer the most resources. However, that is no longer the case. Many cities outside of big hubs like Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago provide significant financial and growth support. This support includes funding, a low tax rate, and affordable housing and living. Plus, they deliver a good quality of life and other incentives.Here are some of the best small, medium, and large cities for small business owners:
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Topics: Small Business Tips, Partner Posts

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