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The Impact of Mobile Credit Card Processing on Political Fundraising

Showing your support for political issues and candidates is about more than signing petitions. Politics requires funds for campaigning and taking action, and securing that funding no longer only means busting out the checkbook.

For effective and efficient election fundraising, mobile credit card processing is becoming an integral part of the political campaign toolbox.

Making It Easier to Donate to a Candidate’s Election Campaign

Making a financial contribution to a favorite candidate’s election campaign is a privilege many Americans hold dear. Making it easy for constituents to support your campaign helps promote engagement in the democratic process.

Here's how mobile credit card processing can help election campaigns:

  • Fundraise Anywhere. Raising money for an election bid doesn’t have to happen only at galas and events. When you're on the trail, you need to be able to accept payments wherever your supporters are. Mobile credit card processing reduces the geographic barriers to supporting a candidate.
  • Keep Contributions Secure. Earning the trust of constituents is paramount to running for office. Nothing undermines voters trust like a security breach. Using a PCI-compliant system for accepting credit cards is vital to protecting sensitive credit card data and earning the confidence of your supporters. 

Finding the Right Credit Card Processor for the Campaign Trail

Here are some questions to ask if you are considering mobile credit card processing while campaigning:

  • Is it safe? Nothing breaches voter confidence more than a campaign that doesn’t have its act together. Keeping donors’ credit card data secure is a must. Look for payment processors that are compliant with the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards.
  • Is it dependable? Elections are a lot of work. You don't need to be distracted by processing equipment that quits mid-campaign. You need something that works smoothly with your current setup, so any campaign staffer or grassroots volunteer can work accept donations easily.
  • Is it functional? You need a mobile credit card processor that can troubleshoot any issues that arise and solve problems quickly, so you can focus on the campaign. 

On the campaign trail, you need money in the coffers to keep up grassroots efforts and communicate your ideas to the electorate. When you are working on political fundraising, you don't want to miss a single contribution. A reliable, secure mobile payments platform is a must-have when you’re on the campaign trail.

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