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Stores Closed? Celebrate Thanksgiving With These 4 Traditions

White pumpkin on a plate with Give ThanksThis year, Costco, Barnes & Noble, The Home Depot, Ikea and countless other retailers close their stores on Thanksgiving to allow their employees to spend time with family and friends.

More and more retailers are recognizing the importance of the holiday – being surrounded by loved ones and giving thanks. As the stores remain closed until the early hours of Black Friday, consider these four traditions to add to your Thanksgiving celebration.

1. Open your home to those who are alone

While Black Friday might be the biggest shopping day of the year, Thanksgiving itself is not a gift-giving holiday. Instead, the main centerpiece is a delicious meal and time spent with family and friends.

Due to time, distance, or money, not everyone can travel and be with their families. Consider opening your home to those who are alone on Thanksgiving.

Prepare for Giving Tuesday

2. Stock up on Tupperware for your guests

So much planning and preparation goes into the Thanksgiving meal to where many hosts overlook the aftermath — days of leftovers that often go to waste. Fortunately, the fix couldn’t be simpler.

Make sure you have plenty of reusable containers that guests can utilize when Thanksgiving dinner is over. This simple strategy ensures that everyone can enjoy delicious meals for many days. Plus, it’s far greener (and less wasteful) than letting food spoil.

3. Donate to worthy causes

The point of Thanksgiving is to be thankful for what we have. There’s no better way to express this gratitude than by sharing your good fortune with others.

Although donating your time or money on Thanksgiving is wonderful, most charitable organizations — from soup kitchens to homeless shelters to The Salvation Army — are overwhelmed with one-off volunteers who want to help over the holiday weekend. But what about afterwards?

Here’s a slightly different approach. Invite all of your guests to bring money, canned goods, or old clothes to Thanksgiving dinner. Once the holiday weekend is over, you can donate these items to your charity of choice.

4. Wind down with a Thanksgiving-style movie

From Trading Places to The Blind Side to Planes, Trains and Automobiles, there is no shortage of awesome movies that touch on Thanksgiving themes. Definitely check out this great list of films to enjoy with family and friends.

If you’re a business owner, here are some handpicked movies and Netflix documentaries you might have time to squeeze in this holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

No matter which traditions you celebrate, we hope this year’s Thanksgiving is one of the best ever. Eat well. Travel safe. Have fun.

From all of us at BluePay … Happy Thanksgiving!

Topics: Fun Posts, Awareness, Consumer Education

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