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Start a Summer Business: 5 of the Hottest Ideas

lawn-mower-sitting-on-grassIn the U.S., the three-month stretch from June 21 to September 23 is when: 

  • Kids are on summer vacation 
  • Companies scale back their hours 
  • Employees take their holidays 

This is why we don’t normally associate the summer months with “business.” 

But, it’s not like people stop spending money. In fact, summer is the second most active season of the year for consumer spending (after winter and its numerous shopping holidays). 

If you’re looking for a side hustle to make ends meet, summer is a great time to get started. Here are five actionable business ideas to point you in the right direction.

1. Housesitting

Don’t have a house that you can legally rent to others? You can always take care of other people’s homes when they’re away on vacation. Housesitting usually involves: 

  • Collecting mail 
  • Watering plants 
  • Providing security 

If you love dogs and cats, you can offer “pet-sitting” to better differentiate your services. 

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2. Landscaping

Some people love working in their gardens. Others hate it. It’s this latter group that you can target with your “professional” landscaping services. 

The startup costs are minimal — especially since most homeowners with lawns already have mowers and other equipment on-site. If you’re looking for easy pickings, consider targeting: 

  • Jet-setting vacationers 
  • Busy professionals 
  • Elderly retirees 

3. Home Repairs

The summer season is when many homeowners move forward with renovations and improvements. If you have legit do-it-yourself (DIY) skills, you can easily tap into this demand. 

Not handy with a hammer? No worries. 

You’d be surprised how many low-skilled home improvement jobs are available — from painting to cleaning to window-washing. 

4. Yard Sales

We usually associate yard sales and flea markets with “spring cleaning.” Yet, the summer months typically receive less rain and far more foot traffic — making this season ideally suited for selling stuff you no longer need. 

Step 1 involves doing your own yard sale. Not only does this bring in some extra dough, but it also helps to clear unnecessary clutter. 

If that first foray succeeds, you can move on to Step 2 – i.e., extending your yard sale services to others. Almost everyone has belongings they no longer want. If you can’t find any potential clients, consider scouring the classifieds for recent home purchases or obituaries. 

5. Tutoring

With school out for the summer, many parents struggle to keep their kids occupied. If you enjoy working with children, this may be a niche market worth pursuing. 

However, not every budding entrepreneur is cut out for child care. 

If this sounds like you, you can always give paid lessons to “older” students. Everyone has a unique body of knowledge, skills, or talent they can share with others. 

Common examples include: 

  • Foreign languages 
  • Finance and accounting 
  • Video editing 
  • Musical instruments 

With a little creativity, almost any life skill can be monetized.   

What Will You Do This Summer?

Summer is just around the corner (June 21). This is the perfect time to try any number of new business ideas. 

The above list is just a sample. However, the beauty of these ideas is that they all have low barriers to entry. This allows you to safely test the waters without investing too many resources upfront. 

If this summer proves successful, you can scale up your operations and run your new business throughout the year. Eventually, you’ll need to move from cash-based payments to something more convenient and secure. 

When that time comes, be sure to contact us so we can help you configure PCI-compliant payment processing for your growing business.

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