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Simplified Payment Acceptance with the QuickBooks Online Plugin

The QuickBooks Online plugin allows you to automatically integrate payment data directly into the software you use to manage your accounting ledger. Every time a transaction occurs, that payment is instantly reflected in your bookkeeping records, without the need for double data entry.  

Because the QuickBooks Online plugin works directly with BluePay's secure payment processing, you benefit from PCI-compliant data protection around the clock.

Why Use BluePay’s QuickBooks Online Payment Integration?

Like all of the payment modules we offer, the QuickBooks Online plugin makes payment integration seamless and automatic. Rather than manually updating each record, QuickBooks Online captures this information without any direct human involvement.

There are several key benefits of accepting credit cards directly within QuickBooks Online:

  • You save time and money by avoiding manual entry. As a result, your employees can focus on more important tasks.
  • You receive more accurate records with fewer calculating errors and redundancies.
  • You gain faster and deeper insights into where your money is going. All records are updated in real time without processing delays.

What Features Come with the QuickBooks Online Plugin?

Savings, accuracy and speed are the primary benefits of using the QuickBooks Online plugin. However, there are additional features worth exploring —especially if you’re a power user.

With this plugin installed, you can:

  • Run credit, debit and ACH transactions
  • Use tokenization to store payment methods for repeat customers
  • Set up and modify recurring payments
  • Import external transactions
  • Email invoices directly to customers

How to Get Started with QuickBooks Online Payments

Getting set up with the QuickBooks Online plugin is easy. It is a dedicated plug-and-play payment module that works out of the box.

Follow the below instructions to get started:

  • First verify that you have an active BluePay account, and you also have to be a registered user of QuickBooks Online.
  • Visit our QuickBooks Online plugin webpage to download the manual.
  • During the step-by-step setup wizard, enter in your Account ID and Secret Key. [Note that these are different from your BluePay username and password. To locate your Account ID and Secret Key, you'll need to log directly into your BluePay account and go to Administration > Accounts > List. By clicking on the View icon, you'll be able to see your login credentials.]
  • Paste your Account ID and Secret Key into the setup wizard and download the QuickBooks Online Plugin.

You're now ready to configure the QuickBooks Online plugin and begin integrating BluePay transactions directly into your accounting platform.

Need Help Setting Up the QuickBooks Online Plugin?

In addition to the free user manual that guides you through all of the different configuration options of this powerful tool, you can also access online demos that show you how to:

If you have specific questions about integrating payments, please don't hesitate to contact our QuickBooks merchant services support team directly:

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