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Restaurant Credit Card Processing Options

With the majority of today’s diners using their credit cards and debit cards to pick up the dinner tab, most restaurant merchants already understand the importance of secure credit card processing in the foodservice industry. But what about transactions beyond the traditional credit card terminal? As payment processing technology continues to evolve, there are many restaurant credit card processing options available that help make foodservice even more convenient – improving customer service and increasing profits.

Online orders, simplified.

For restaurants that offer takeout, putting your menu online and accepting online payments not only helps you expand your customer base and boost your bottom line, but you’re also freeing up time otherwise used to take orders and payment over the phone. When your customers can use their credit cards to order and pay for their food online, the pick-up and delivery process is quick and simple.

Go wireless with tableside payment processing.

With wireless credit card terminals, your diners’ credit cards never have to leave their sight. Servers can swipe customers’ credit cards or debit cards right at the table, helping to increase credit card security and make the payment process more efficient. Fast, easy payments mean happy customers who are more likely to return and recommend your restaurant to friends. 

Serve food and accept credit cards anywhere.

Food festivals, food trucks, farmers markets, catering services – there are many reasons for taking your restaurant business on-the-go, and mobile credit card processing allows you to do just that. Accept credit cards, debit cards and even checks from your mobile phone. With no need for extra hardware or a new mobile phone, you can keep costs low while increasing profits, wherever your food takes you.

BluePay offers a wide range of restaurant credit card processing solutions that help simplify your payment process, so you can focus on your food and customers. Contact us today to learn more, or visit For news and updates, follow @BluePay on Twitter.

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