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Recurring Billing for Nonprofits

Recurring Billing for NonprofitsToday’s consumers expect flexible options when making payments and the same goes for making contributions to their favorite organizations and charities. Advanced payment processing capabilities, such as BluePay’s hosted payment forms and recurring billing options, allow nonprofit organizations to streamline the donation process. This makes it easier for donors to support a worthy cause, while saving money and increasing funds for nonprofits.

Hosted Payment Forms: The ability to make payments online has increased convenience for consumers, so they can manage their accounts, minimize late payments, and even set up reminders and alerts that go straight to their inbox. Making donations online is no different. Nonprofits that wish to accept donations from their website can sign up for BluePay’s secure hosted payment forms, which are designed to match the look and feel of the nonprofits’ website, and hosted on BluePay’s PCI compliant server. Donors can enter their information through the form, and merchants can rely on BluePay’s secure server to protect credit card information.

Recurring Billing Options: With BluePay, making donations online is just as simple and secure as paying bills or making purchases. Recurring billing options allow donors to make donations on a yearly, monthly or even weekly basis, without the need to write out and send a check every time. Nonprofits also save money with recurring billing, reducing the costs associated with frequently promoting their organization, such as envelopes, stamps, flyers and brochures.

For more information about recurring billing features for nonprofit or business, contact BluePay today. You can also follow @BluePay on Twitter for news and updates.

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Topics: Recurring Billing and Electronic Invoicing, Nonprofits

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