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Our Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts

Our Top 10 Most Popular Blog PostsThe BluePay Blog is dedicated to providing you with useful information to help you understand payments, learn best business practices, or stay attuned to security concerns. We continually publish new content, averaging over 125 posts annually.

We took a look at our blog to see which posts resonate with our visitors. Here is a list of our top 10 popular blog posts. If you haven’t read them yet, click on the links below.

10.) Payment Gateway vs. Virtual Terminal – We hear it all the time: “Payment gateway vs. virtual terminal…what’s the difference?” The terms can definitely be confusing if you’re new to accepting credit cards. Though the two services are similar, understanding the differences before signing on the dotted line is important.

9.) The Impact of Social Media on E-Commerce – When the World Wide Web first came out, it began as a competitive advantage for every business that embraced it. Very quickly, the Web became a business necessity. It simply wasn’t possible to remain competitive without having an online presence.

8.) 12 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Merchant Account Provider – By coupling your retail or online store with a merchant account, you can begin accepting credit cards. Although you are free to continue relying exclusively on cash or checks, adding more payment options will allow you to capture many more types of sales.

Watch the Video: Choosing a Merchant Account Provider

7.) What is AXP OptBlue? – When businesses decide to accept credit cards, they typically sign up for a merchant account that automatically bundles Visa, Mastercard, and Discover together. The rates are reasonable, and competition amongst merchant account solutions provides plenty of payment processing options.

6.) Credit Card Processing in 8 Simple Steps – New to the world of credit card processing? It may seem like a complex process, but really, the ability to accept credit cards for your business is simple and extremely beneficial. Credit card merchants can enjoy increased sales, streamlined payments, advanced security technology, and much more.

5.) How Does Tokenization Work? – Tokenization is a highly effective data security measure designed to protect sensitive information from prying eyes. When applied to financial transactions, tokenization frees merchants from having to keep credit card data within their payment systems. This helps to reduce their PCI scope and expense.

4.) Why Does the Credit Card Machine Ask for My ZIP Code? – Have you ever used your credit card at a retail store and had the clerk ask for your ZIP code? This happens at the gas station, too. When you pay at the pump, most pumps won’t approve the purchase and allow you to fill your tank unless you enter your five-digit ZIP code.

3.) Merchant Account vs. Payment Gateway – Nearly every type of business – from big box retailers to Etsy sellers, and from trade show vendors to antique dealers – needs to accept credit card payments to survive. And more and more of those businesses are accepting payment online.

2.) I’m a Small Merchant – What Will Apple Pay Cost for Me to Get Up and Running? – It seems like Apple Pay is all anyone is talking about. And it’s not difficult to see why. Apple has a huge and famously loyal following of fans. With more than 800 million paying iTunes subscribers, the company has momentum on its side.

1.) Payment Gateway vs. Payment Processor – Payment gateways and payment processor are two key links in the payment processing chain. As a business owner, you’ve probably heard these terms and wondered what the difference is.

There you have it. Our top 10 blog posts. 

Topics: E-Commerce and Online Payments, Payment Technology, PCI Compliance and Fraud Prevention, Small Business Tips, Enterprise Business Tips, Getting Started with Payments, Awareness

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Whether you're a small business, an enterprise corporation, a financial institution, or a software partner, we have created a series of blog posts to help you and your customers, learn more about the complex nature of payments. Take a look to learn how payments can help to simplify your business operation, and may even help to grow your revenue.

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