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Mobile Credit Card Processing with ROAMpay

As smartphones and iPhones take the technology and business world by storm, the need for secure mobile credit card processing has significantly increased. With merchants constantly on the go, the ability to process credit cards wherever you are becomes more than just a convenient tool; it’s a major factor in business growth and increased cash flow.

ROAMpay is a cellular phone application that allows merchants to accept credit cards directly from their phones. Below, learn how ROAMpay works and explore the benefits of mobile credit card processing.

How Does It Work?

Merchants can download ROAMpay on their phone in less than 30 seconds and access “My Roam,” a merchant portal that allows them to view reports, tech support, video training and marketing pieces. To process credit cards, no equipment other than the phone is needed. The merchant simply opens the app and chooses credit sale, then enters the sale information and the customer’s credit card information. With the ROAMpay voice-to-text feature, information can even be entered by voice. Once the data is sent, the merchant can receive instant credit card approval, and the customer receives a receipt through email. ROAMpay also has tools to keep track of cash sales.

Exploring the Benefits

While other mobile credit card processing solutions are designed for specific cell phones, ROAMpay is an application that can be downloaded to any phone. Rather than invest in a new wireless terminal or cell phone, merchants can use the phone they already own to process credit cards wherever their phone works.

Additional ROAMpay benefits include:

• ROAM Commerce; an enterprise Mobile Solution that allows large corporations to integrate ROAM with the company’s order entry software, saving time and reducing double data entry.
• Web interface to enter credit card information securely from PC or Mac.
• No additional paperwork or long term contract to sign up.
• No additional hardware required.
• Free virtual terminal and free online access at the My Roam portal.
• PCI certified for the highest possible standards in payment security.

For more information about mobile credit card processing and ROAMpay, call BluePay at 866-441-9670.

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