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Mobile Credit Card Processing and the Food Truck Revolution

The food truck revolution has seized the imaginations of American food lovers. The nation has more than three million of these mobile restaurants, and that number is increasing each year.

From Tampa to Seattle, San Diego to Boston, eateries on wheels are allowing talented chefs to showcase their food skills without a lot of start-up costs, staffing expenses and costly brick-and-mortar dining rooms.

Food Truck Revolution is Fueled by iPhone, iPad Credit Card Payments

Food trucks thrive on being where the action is. That could be a downtown street for lunch, a charity event in the evening and a festival on the weekend. More than most businesses, these types of restaurants need to have a mobile credit card processing system that moves when they move.

Twenty-first century technology is helping food truck owners to get in business and succeed. Social media helps to let potential customers know where the trucks will be on a given day. In addition, mobile credit card processing lets food trucks accept credit and debit cards wherever they set up shop. By transforming the way restaurants accept credit card payments, mobile processing is redefining the very concept of “restaurant.”

Today's mobile credit card processing technology uses smartphones and tablets as credit card transmission machines. Food truck owners see money in their business accounts in just two to three days, a big help for often cash-strapped food businesses. Food trucks can also issue refunds on the spot and even send receipts via email to their customers — a plus for the business lunch crowd.

Food trucks are just one type of business that has been helped by the advancements in mobile credit card processing. From antique dealers to regional farmers markets, the ability to accept credit cards on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices is changing the way we do business. And for diners looking for local, unique food choices, the change is definitely a welcome one.

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