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Level 3 Processing: A Business Owner's Guide

Level 3 processing capabilities allow your business to process transactions beyond the consumer-to-business sale by expanding to business-to-business and business-to-government sales. Merchants who wish to increase sales by becoming suppliers to other businesses or government agencies should understand the basics of Level 3 processing.

The Process
In order to accept Level 3 transactions made with government or corporate purchasing cards, your credit card processing system must have the capabilities to transmit the detailed items required to complete the purchase. In order for buyers to receive the lower rates that come along with Level 3 processing, a number of required information fields must be captured, including:

• Merchant name
• Transaction amount
• Date
• Tax Amount
• Customer Code
• Merchant Postal Code
• Tax Identification
• Item Quantity
• Right Amount
• Duty Amount
• Destination Postal Code
• Alternate Tax Amount

The Benefits
For corporate or government buyers, the benefits of Level 3 processing are huge – the detailed transaction information allows them to monitor and record purchases made on the company card at a lower transaction rate than Level 1 or Level 2 purchases. For merchants, Level 3 processing capabilities allow them to build relationships with large corporations and government agencies, increasing sales with large supply orders and attracting customers that use Level 3 purchase cards.

How to Get Started
In addition to our secure credit card payment gateway and e-commerce services, BluePay now offers Level 3 processing capabilities to our merchants. Contact BluePay to learn more and start accepting Level 3 processing transactions.

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