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Keeping Up with Payments - A Comprehensive Resource Guide

Pixabay-man-reading-blog-791049_1920.jpgDid you know that retail digital commerce on desktop and mobile reached $100 billion in the third quarter of 2017 for the fourth consecutive quarter? That’s not just impressive, it’s also a pretty good indicator on what the future of online payments holds. 

The problem is that the world of online payments is changing so rapidly, it can be a challenge to keep up. Sometimes, all the latest news about the advancements in payments doesn't even make sense. That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of resources to resolve that problem.


Founded in 2015 by entrepreneur John Rampton, Due was originally an online invoicing and time tracking platform. Its main design was made with freelancers and small business owners in mind. It also is directed at startup founders. Recently, the company has become a leading eCash, global payment, and digital wallet solution. Due has become a platform that serves all sizes of businesses. 

The company publishes daily content on its blog that shares advice for accepting and processing payments. It also provides payment industry news and trends. There's even analysis of payments ranging from credit cards to mobile payments to cryptocurrencies. is published by 1st in Media, LCC, which is a joint venture between two leaders of the online media and payments space: Business Wire and Market Platform Dynamics. Visitors of the site can catch-up on daily news and opinion pieces regarding payments - especially for those involved in the ecommerce and social commerce industries.

According to the site, “This powerful B2B platform is the #1 site for the payments industry by traffic and the premier source of information about ‘what’s next’ in payments. C-suite and VP level executives turn to it daily for these insights, making the audience the most valuable in the industry.”

10 Blogs Every SMB Needs to Follow

Breaking Banks

This is the number one global Fintech podcast - it also broadcasts live every Thursday at 3pm EST in NYC on 1160AM WVNJ Radio. The podcast goes global via VoiceAmerica’s Business Channel. It is hosted by bestselling author and renowned futurist Brett King. As you may have guessed, it focuses primarily on how technology is completely changing the payments industry, and the entire banking industry. 

If you’re more of a reader, Breaking Banks publishes articles, but not as frequently as we would like. But, they’re still definitely worth reading.

MEDICI™ (formerly Let’s Talk Payments)

Founded in 2013 by Amit Goel and Aditya Khurjekar, this is one of the more active sites focused on the payments and FinTech space and publishes several articles daily. On top of the latest industry news, it also delivers more data, analysis, and collaboration tools to the industry.


Finextra is arguably the leading independent newswire and information source for the worldwide financial technology community. Finextra covers the entire fintech industry as well as payments for all industries, including retail.  Finextra's news blends opinion and lots of data and becomes a go-to-source for anyone wanting to keep up with the future of payments.


This site is rapidly becoming one of the most popular sites for the latest news regarding payments. The site also features daily editorials and whitepapers (like securing the evolving payments world) as well as conducts web seminars.

Mobile Payments Today

Published by Networld Media Group and Will Hernandez, Mobile Payments Today is a treasure cove for payments enthusiasts. They cover daily news, opinion articles, supplier directory, and industry whitepapers. MPT also provides live events, like webinars, that are the perfect opportunity to learn more about payments, and there are even job listings, as well.

Payments Views

Let’s get this out of the way. This isn’t a blog you check daily; however, you'll want to check out this site weekly for longer and more in-depth articles that you probably won’t find anywhere else from its publisher, Glenbrook. It’s also accompanied by a podcast, Payments on Fire. The podcast discusses topics like merchant EMV adaptation and how to secure IoT payments.

Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan is a banking and payments consultant who specializes in cross-border payment systems. He’s also a digital money evangelist and co-host of Around The Coin, a weekly podcast on banking. He publishes blog content almost daily that discusses current industry news, along with his insights and advice. “In addition to this there are literally hundreds of blogs you can follow of all the main players in the field,” writes Faisal Khan in a Quora response.

The Paypers

This independent source of news and intelligence for professionals in the global payment community. The Paypers is located in the Netherlands and offers real-time payment news and daily headlines. They discuss developments in global payments, market guides, and detailed reports focused on trends in specific markets and industry niches. Additionally, they cover key trends and issues like data security.


PaymentEye is a leading “global news intelligence and analysis tool for a network of professionals involved in the payments sector worldwide, from innovative startups and clearing banks to merchant POS innovators and mobile solutions companies.” The site also shares content including the latest payments happenings, insights and analysis, and whitepapers, as well as upcoming payments events.

Payments Navigator Monthly Newsletter

This monthly newsletter is published by Accenture. Sign-up is free. In a nutshell, this is an aggregation of the articles that discuss the latest happenings regarding industry heavyweights, along with interviews with payment executives.

 Speak with a Payment Processing Expert

BluePay is pleased to bring you this valuable information from, Due, makers of a free digital wallet that allows users to easily make and accept payments online. 

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