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How to Make Retail Payments Easier for Customers

Customers still like visiting stores and retail locations to engage in a little retail therapy or to take care of purchases they prefer to make in-person. 

As a retail business, you want to make sure you provide an easy payment experience for them so they can get in and get out on their schedule rather than be stuck in long lines with a cumbersome transactions process. 

By doing so, you'll be able to improve your profitability and develop a great reputation with customers and your target audience. 

Here are some ways you can make that retail payment so much easier for customers:

Adopt New Technology

Be responsive to the fact that, although you have customers who like to come into your store, browse, and shop, technology rules everything. That means getting rid of those slow legacy systems for payment and upgrading your entire POS system, including EMV card readers and the option to tap and pay with NFC technology. 

This way, you’ll be able to accept mobile and digital wallet payments if your customers prefer to pay that way. Without the right technology in place, you won’t be able to offer these payment methods, potentially losing a chunk of your customer base.

Add On-Demand Options

Today’s consumers are definitely fickle and often change their minds about when they want to shop online and when they want to visit a store. It may have a lot to do with their hectic lives. What you can do is become an omni-channel retail operation that provides a way for them to do both types of shopping or a combination of, including the growing interest in on-demand options. 

You will most likely thrill your customers when you give them this fast way to buy and go. Now they can order online and pick up in-store within a matter of hours or even sooner, depending on the type of product they are purchasing.

This fast turnaround can be possible thanks to using a POS system that integrates your inventory and fulfillment process with your payment system. When your customers have no wait time, they will put you on the top of their easy retail experience list.

Deliver Personalized Shopping Experiences

In helping to fuel purchases, you can interact with your customers through their mobile devices. While they are in your store or even nearby, enticing them with special deals and promotions through a text message delivery or the use of a mobile app you provide them. This involves the use of geo-location targeting technology that facilitates this enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. 

Large retailers, like Walmart and Target, have experienced a rapid rise in these on-the-spot purchases. You can also tie in the on-demand option so that you contact them with the promotion and provide a simple checkout process. In this way, by the time they reach the front of the store, they are already done and can be on their way. 

Technology is also providing a way to incorporate digital assistants that can tell customers about the products they are viewing in the store to help encourage purchases. This technology includes the use of artificial intelligence that learns the preferences of each user and then customizes the information and recommendations.

Provide Security Information

With so many in-store data breaches, it is important to offer information on how your retail operation ensures high levels of security throughout the transaction process.

Post your PCI compliance and explain the various security measures you use, such as tokenization and two-step verification or even biometrics like fingerprint confirmation or a retinal scan. This is also where those chip card readers play a critical role.

You can list this security information at the checkout counter.

Train Your Staff

Everyone that works in your retail operation can facilitate an easy payment process for customers. This entails some training on how to use all the new technology that is now available and how to troubleshoot anything that might go wrong with it. 

Make sure they understand how to accept all types of payment options with ease that you are offering. Train all personnel so they have tested all parts of your retail POS, including chip cards, magstripe cards, gift cards, checks and cash, and mobile payments and are prepared to handle each type of transaction in an efficient way. Additionally, they will need to know how to deal with any coupons or promotional discounts.

Your retail team can also take advantage of having multiple card readers available so they can ring people up while they are in line to facilitate the checkout process and speed them on their way.

Download Our Checklist: What Does Your Business Need to Accept Credit Cards? 

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