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How To Keep Your Holiday Customers All Year

That hectic stretch from Black Friday to New Year’s seems like a distant blur.  The holiday season is finally over, and now your team can relax before gearing up for 11 months of steady and predictable sales.

However, what if you could recapture some of that holiday traffic without waiting until the next Black Friday? 

What if you could keep the sales coming as your small-to-medium business continues to grow month after month?

Believe it or not, it is possible. After all, people shop year-round, for everyday items like dish detergent and for big-ticket purchases like computers. 

Not only can you continue selling to repeat customers, but you can also attract first-timers who are hungry for your products and services. When done correctly, all of these additional sales can provide deep insights into how best to position your business or improve your marketing message. That way, next year's holiday shopping season will be even better than the previous year.

Yet how do you keep the cycle going through winter, spring and beyond?

Making Every Day Black Friday for Your Customers

There are several different approaches to consider: The most popular is to increase your marketing budget to buy more airtime and purchase more ads.  However, this strategy has a few drawbacks:

  • Ad space is expensive. This is especially true for smaller businesses that must devote larger portions of their budgets to cover these costs.
  • Ads are often generic, designed for the masses. Although you may be able to target industry-specific websites and periodicals, you're still spending money on folks who have no chance of ever converting.
  • Advertisements (especially in television and publishing) enjoy limited reach. You have to spend big in order to penetrate markets outside of your geographic region.

If it’s not ads, then what is the answer?

The Money Is in the List: Email and Direct Mail Marketing

A better approach involves developing a customer list — either for email marketing or direct mail. Having actual names and addresses enables you to stay in touch with customers throughout the year. This also allows you to:

  • Reduce costs. Write a message once and send it as many times, as desired.
  • Personalize every message. Not only can recipients’ names be included, but you can also highlight products you know they'll enjoy.
  • Expand your reach. It doesn't matter if your customers live down the block or on the other side of the world. Getting in touch with them only takes a matter of seconds.

However, many people don't like sharing personal details. How do you get spam-wary users to sign up?

Well, if you are selling online, it's easy to capture all email addresses automatically. Our e-commerce team can help you get set up if you're not already doing this.

Brick-and-mortar sales are a little bit more challenging — but you can entice subscribers with free gifts or exclusive offers. Depending on the business, you can also write an e-book packed with insider tips. In fact, providing free and valuable information can often generate more sales than constant promotion. 

For additional tips on how to grow your customer list and keep the holiday spirit going all year, contact our sales support team today.

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