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How Mobile Credit Card Processing has Transformed the State Fair

State fairs are a summertime tradition. Some of the largest, such as the Texas State Fair, the Minnesota State Fair and the Ohio State Fair, attract more than a million visitors each year.

The state fair is more than just a place to show off your prized thoroughbred, ride the Ferris wheel or enjoy a corn dog; they’re an excellent place for retailers to showcase locally famous crafts, foodstuffs, hand-crafted furniture and metal work.

Using mobile credit card processing at the state fair

The advent of mobile credit card processing has made selling goods at the state fair more attractive, and more profitable, to even casual, part-time retailers. Unlike just a few years ago, vendors can now accept credit and debit cards for purchases without having to worry about the card being valid or the charge being reversed days after the event. With mobile processing, vendors can also count on getting their funds within days, not weeks — which makes the long hours and hectic pace of a typical fair day seem more rewarding.

How mobile credit card processing works

Whether you're selling chili peppers, maple syrup, Amish quilts or plumbing services, mobile credit card processing makes taking credit card and debit card payments as easy as turning on your cell phone or mobile device.

You simply key in the credit card information at the point of sale. The system will verify that the card is valid and that it has enough credit to accommodate the purchase. You'll get a verification number on the screen, just as you would in your store. You can even send your customer a receipt via email.

Refunds are easy, too. In most cases, the charge comes off the customer's credit card within 24 hours. You don't have to be a computer genius. It's easy to learn and master how mobile credit card processing works.

Selling your products at the state fair this season can open up new markets for you and expose your company and your merchandise to people who wouldn't otherwise learn about your business.

If you've worried about credit card processing at such an event, new advances in mobile credit card processing make accepting debit and credit cards off-site safe and easy.

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