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How Mobile Credit Card Processing Has Changed in the Past 5 Years

Mobile credit card processing has made it possible for even the smallest retailer to safely and securely accept credit and debit cards as payment without being tied to cumbersome phone lines and fixed hardware. This advance in technology has revolutionized retail, allowing vendors to get out to where their customers are — with food trucks, mobile kiosks, booths at fairs and festivals, and more. However, mobile credit card technology is still evolving. Just look at the changes in this field over the past five years.

How mobile credit card processing has changed in the past five years

It's difficult to believe that the first iPhone was released seven years ago and the first iPad four years ago. "Smart" mobile devices have changed how the world communicates and does business. These advances in mobile technology have made it possible for retailers to take their store on the road, accepting credit and debit cards anywhere they can find cell phone reception.

Mobile credit card processing has become evolved dramatically over the last half-decade. Here are just a few ways mobile processing is changing:

1. More functions. With more sophisticated mobile devices, retailers can access most of the payment functions with their tablet or smartphone that they could with a fixed credit card machine. Such mobile devices can even be used to email receipts to customers after the sale.

2. Apps for iPhone, Android and iPad. Once offered only by cutting edge businesses, iPhone credit card processing is going mainstream. There are credit card processing apps for Android and iPad, too. This has been especially transformative for small businesses, who need simple, reliable ways to accept payments, but who lack tech support and IT departments.

3. Merchant services aggregators. One of the biggest changes over the last five years in mobile credit card processing has been the creation of merchant services aggregators. Such services offer an app that allows retailers to accept credit and debit cards on their iOS or Android-powered devices. An optional scanner can attach to the phone, so that sellers can just swipe a customer's card.

4. Increased usage. The number of retailers using mobile credit card processing has exploded in the past five years. Retailers, such as food truck owners, fair vendors, crafts sellers and antique dealers have jumped at the opportunity to accept credit card payments easily and securely, even when they are set up in a field, at a state fair or on a street corner.

Mobile credit card processing is changing how America does business. Don't expect the changes to stop here — this sector will continue to evolve as technology advances.

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