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How Do I Make My Hosted Payment Page Convert?

With hosted payment pages, it's possible to get your e-commerce store up and running with zero coding and minimal hassle. The setup process couldn't be easier.

Rather than design and program a checkout cart from scratch, you simply download a payment page, customize it to your liking, and install it directly into your site.

When customers buy your products or services online, they do so within your e-commerce store. But the actual transaction happens through the hosted payment form. No financial details get captured on your server. Instead, they get rerouted to our server for secure payment processing.

There are advantages of hosted payment pages. But two of the most important include:

  1. Reduced PCI scope. No financial data ever gets stored within your payment environment.

  2. Consistent, seamless shopping experience. Customers do leave a merchants site when they go to the hosted payment page customized by BluePay.  Once the payment data is entered and submitted, BluePay directs the customer back to a page requested by the merchant.  Most customers don’t even realize they are leaving a merchant’s site during this step because the hosted payment page is customized to look like the merchant site. Customers never really leave your site. The checkout process happens in one single location.

Hosted payment pages are ideal for e-commerce merchants who want to launch their stores securely and quickly. But once your hosted payment page is up, how do you maximize conversions within your checkout cart?

Boosting Conversion Rates with Hosted Payment Pages

The single most important thing that you can do is customize your hosted payment page so that it mimics the look and feel of your site. This helps to reduce confusion and increase trust as shoppers go through the checkout process.

We offer a number of default templates (all of which have been tested for high conversion rates). But we also allow you to custom-design your own payment form for even better conversions.

However, customization is only the beginning. Below are five additional tips for increasing conversion rates:

1. A/B Testing

We recommend using several hosted payment forms and making tiny changes to each one. This allows you to A/B test different variations to see which layouts, colors and wording yield the highest conversions. For example:

  • On one version, the checkout button is red — on another, it is yellow
  • One version opens with Benefit A, and another opens with Benefit B
  • One version uses a horizontal layout; another uses a vertical payment form

After a few weeks, see which payment form performs the best. Use this version as your control, and continue making additional improvements.

2. Provide More Payment Options

In addition to major credit cards, you might also add gift cards, PayPal, bank transfers and other payment options. They’re easy to include, and they provide your customers with more choices.

3. Simplify the Checkout Process

Many merchants try to capture as much information as possible during the checkout process. But do you really need income levels, genders and birth dates to make a sale?

Each additional “required” field increases the likelihood of checkout abandonment. Some savvy retailers even use "guest" buying options that don't require customers to register emails and usernames.

4. Saved Customer Accounts

If you do collect emails, usernames and passwords, configure your hosted payment page to auto-populate these fields for logged-in customers. Follow Amazon’s example and let registered users buy items with a single click.

5. Create a Closed Shopping Experience

On the checkout page, consider removing sidebars and menus to keep your customers 100 percent focused on the buying experience. The more clickable options you provide, the more likely shoppers will click on something other than the "buy" and "submit" buttons.

Looking for More Hosted Payment Page Conversion Tips?

Do you have additional questions about how to increase conversion rates within your e-commerce store? Please click the Get Started Today! button below.

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