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How BluePay Can Help Your Financial Institution Grow

As a bank or credit union, you have a range of credit card processing providers from which to choose — and on the surface, this is a good thing. 

Having options is ideal.

Yet how exactly do you select the right credit card processing solutions for you and your commercial clients? Choosing correctly is especially important given how quickly the financial landscape continues to shift:

  • PCI compliance rules are constantly in flux
  • New payment technologies surface (and disappear) every day
  • Identity theft, data breaches and online fraud are on the rise
  • EMVs are all but mandatory for brick-and-mortar retailers in order to reduce liability risks

Obviously your bank customers need payment processing that adheres to the latest security standards, but you also want a provider that can quickly adapt to the recent changes and incorporate the latest best practices.

This article explains BluePay's unique approach to credit card processing for credit unions, banks and other financial institutions.

Credit Card Processing for your bank customers

By signing up for our services today, you benefit from a wide selection of advanced vendor solutions, including payment integration with many of the leading business platforms on the market. Our payment modules provide a seamless integration of the  accounting, CRM and ERP software programs you and your clients already use.

We also provide:

  • Zero-liability protection and fraud management tools
  • Customer partnerships and revenue sharing
  • Cash advance services, even when clients withdraw funds using their credit cards

Arguably most important, you receive a dedicated account specialist who can provide ongoing support as your bank continues to expand.

Credit Card Services for Credit Unions

The credit unions within our network receive the same PCI-compliant payment processing solutions and benefits listed above. However, we also make it possible for your clients to:

  • Receive faster account settlements by allowing members to make loan and application payments via their preferred credit or debit cards. This can dramatically reduce processing delays and cash flow concerns.
  • Quickly set up hosted payment pages so that members can accept credit cards online — without having to apply for payment gateways. This is especially useful for smaller businesses that don't have a lot of technical expertise. Hosted payment forms also appeal to charities that want to enhance their online giving campaigns.

Additional Benefits of working with BluePay

With BluePay’s PCI-compliant payment processing under the hood, your commercial customers can grow their businesses with confidence — even as cyberfraud and theft continue to dominate the news headlines.

However, your bank or credit union also benefits as well. 

By offering our secure payment solutions to your commercial customers, you're able to develop deeper relationships with all of the members within your network.  This makes it much easier to grow your own business as the financial landscape continues to evolve — and getting started is easy.

Just schedule a free consultation with our FI Support Team today. We'll assign a dedicated account manager to walk you through the entire setup process — from start to finish. 

You can also visit the following resources for more information:

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