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Happy National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day - March 29th

Happy National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day - March 29thMany of us have heard of Small Business Saturday, but did you know there is another day honoring the hard-working 29.6 million small businesses in U.S.? National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day is recognized from coast to coast each year on March 29th.

Created by Rick and Margie Segel, this holiday commemorates their parents whose successful hat shop, Ruth’s in Everett, Massachusetts, opened on March 29, 1939. In the nearly 60 years it was in business, it grew into a 10,000 square foot women’s clothing store, generating over $2 million in revenue.

Why We Need to Support Our SMBs

Whether handed down through generations or a new startup, small business owners are often undervalued for the arduous work and countless hours they invest to nurture and grow their organizations. They play a critical role in the economy and are the backbone of the communities they serve. As compared to the Big Box retailers, small businesses:

  • Make shopping personal and care about their customers in a way larger retail chains can’t (or won’t).
  • Provide neighborhood jobs and invest money back into community, returning three times as much money per dollar of sales to their local economy than national chains.
  • Offer new and unique products you can’t always find in Big Box stores.

3 Ways You Can Support Mom & Pop Shops

It really takes little effort to show your love for small businesses. Here are some things you can do to ensure these pillars of the community keep growing and thriving.

1) Support your local stores
The next time you need treats for Fido or a birthday gift for a friend, consider shopping small. If online shopping is your thing, check with your local stores to see if they offer e-commerce options.

2) Spread the Word
In a recent survey, 87% of small business owners admitted they rely on word of mouth to gain new business. If you’re happy with a product or service you received, why not share your experience with your family, friends, or neighbors? Offer up a testimonial for your business’ website, or share a review on Google or Yelp. Existing customers are the best source for new customers.

3) Follow on Social
Aside from word of mouth, approximately 69% of small business owners agree that social media is the next best way to gain new business. Their platform of preference? Facebook. The next time you’re scrolling through your newsfeed, consider searching for your favorite local businesses and following them. Are they promoting a special sale? Why not share with the rest of your followers? Share and share often to show your support.  

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3 Things Businesses Can Do to Participate

Take it upon yourself to connect with your customers and attract new ones. Here are some things you can do to show your customers your appreciation and create visibility within your community.

1) Tweet All About It
With over 81% of U.S. citizens on social media, it’s a missed opportunity if you’re not promoting your business on multiple platforms. Whether you prefer Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, get out there and engage with your customers. People love to see the “human side” of a business, so pictures and videos are always great to post. Promote the day using #MomPopBusinessOwnersDay.

2) Send an Email
Thanks to email, it’s possible to connect with all of your customers instantly — and for free. In honor of your day, send a message to your customer base inviting them to celebrate with you, or write a simple thank you for supporting your business. Consider running a special sale or promotion to bring them in.

3) Host an Event
Nothing draws traffic and greater visibility like an in-person event. Depending on your business, provide fun, interactive activities like wine or food tasting, product demos, or face painting for the kids. Host a raffle or give out free swag bags. Partner up with other local businesses to make it an enjoyable day for the entire community.

Thank You!

Small businesses are the bread and butter of BluePay, and we are honored to work with such an amazing group of hard-working, talented people. From all of us at BluePay, Happy National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day!

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