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Falling in Love with Payments

Valentine’s Day is finally here, and love is in the air. But those amorous feelings aren’t just for significant others. It’s also possible to develop deep connections with inanimate things — such as payment processing.

It’s true. We’re not making this up.

Cupid’s arrow doesn’t play favorites, and it seems that many of our customers have been hit hard. Every time a new secure transaction comes into their payment environments, these clients are flooded with giddiness and infatuation.


Again, we’re not making this up. Below are two true stories of bewitching affection.

eCatholic — a Tale of Star-Crossed Payment Processing

As the world’s leading provider of Catholic websites, eCatholic faced a unique challenge. It needed to leverage a payment system that would allow member churches around the globe to accept donations across many different channels. This proved especially important as eCatholic continued to explore online and mobile giving options.

After reviewing many different solutions, eCatholic chose BluePay due to its:

What eCatholic didn’t necessarily expect was the level of attention it would receive. When asked to elaborate, the company’s CEO, Josh Simmons, had this to say:

One of the biggest benefits.... is the support we receive. … It’s just been phenomenal, and it’s been a true partnership.”

Service Autopilot — a Love Story for the Ages

Service Autopilot specializes in scheduling and invoicing software for a range of service industries throughout the United States and Canada. Like eCatholic, Service Autopilot was deeply concerned about payment security, which is why the company was so impressed with BluePay’s advanced tokenization solution.

Service Autopilot also needed fast settlements, great customer service and a seamless payment experience for its users — but it wanted these with as few hassles as possible. In other words, Service Autopilot was after a “low-maintenance” relationship that could still meet its needs.

It found exactly that in BluePay, a devoted partner that demanded so little while offering so much.

As Service Autopilot’s Jonathan Pototschnik explains in this video testimonial:

“We don’t have to manage (BluePay). We don’t have to call all the time. Things don’t break. Things don’t go wrong. It just works. … It makes our life easy.”

Take a Chance on Love, and Join the BluePay Family

The tales above aren’t unique. From small restaurant owners to international charities to local community banks, our clients around the globe continue to fall hard for our charms.

Why not?

  • We’re super-attentive — always ready to listen to your needs and come up with solutions.
  • We’re deeply committed to building a future filled with growth and prosperity.
  • We’re totally focused on your well-being, and constantly looking for ways to better serve you.

If you give us a chance, we’re confident you’ll fall in love with our secure payment processing just as so many others have.

What makes us so certain?

To find out, schedule a free consultation with our merchant services team today.

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