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Easy Steps to Integrate Your Payments Into Salesforce

Easy Steps to Integrate Your Payments Into SalesforceSalesforce is one of the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) suites on the planet, allowing you to easily:

  • Track leads and prospects
  • Follow up on sales opportunities
  • Boost your customer acquisition efforts

The platform even comes with real-time customer collaboration and social media integration in its cloud-based technology. Though to receive the full benefit of this robust tool, you need a way to directly integrate actual sales (i.e. payments) into your CRM.

It's possible to do this by manually uploading transactions as they come into your system. You can also do periodic imports of payment data from your ledger.  However, both of these approaches are complicated and time-consuming.

A better approach?

Read the Case Study: Salesforce Integration on One Platform

Integrating Salesforce with Your Payment Processing

Rather than manually integrate payment processing into Salesforce, it's possible to make this syncing 100 percent automatic. After buying one of your products or services, “Prospect A” becomes “Customer A,” complete with auto-populated fields for transaction amounts and order history.

This automatic integration saves you time, but it also offers other benefits including:

  • Fewer clerical errors — completely remove the need for double-entry accounting.
  • Superior reporting — instantly identify the best-selling items or the highest value customers.
  • Improved sales — adjust your marketing, and research and development efforts based on real-time analytics.

Yet how do you make this integration automatic?

Making Salesforce Payment Processing 100 Percent Automatic

It's possible to custom-design this integration from scratch. After all, much of the Salesforce platform is built around open-source protocols. Though this requires having a dedicated team of programmers who can build and troubleshoot the functionality you require.

At BluePay, we’ve completely simplified this integration with our dedicated Salesforce payment module

This free plugin works out of the box, requiring no additional coding or tech skills.  Once installed, the module allows you to seamlessly process new payments using Salesforce’s cloud-based interface. It doesn't matter if you are processing traditional credit card payments or ACH transactions — all opportunities, contacts and accounts are instantly reflected within your CRM environment.

No longer must you manually import external data since all reporting happens in one centralized location. Plus, you still benefit from BluePay's PCI-compliant payment security, complete with tokenization, point-to-point encryption and a range of advanced fraud management tools.

Getting Started with Salesforce Payment Integration

If you're ready to begin, the next steps are easy:

  • Visit our dedicated payment module page.
  • Click the Salesforce payment plugin.
  • Follow the step-by-step integration instructions.

Now all payments, leads and customers are seamlessly integrated into one unified platform. What’s more, you can use the time and money saved to continue developing even better products moving forward.

Need Help with Payment Integration?

We designed the Salesforce payment module to be as intuitive as possible.  You've got a business to run, and you don't want to waste precious resources troubleshooting technical issues. 

However, if you run into any problems during the setup process, you can always contact our payment integration team directly. 

If you'd like to learn about some of our other payment modules for e-Commerce shopping carts, accounting software or ERP systems, click here.


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