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Easter: A Benefit for "Sweet" Retailers

Easter is one of America’s most popular holidays, with families across the country gathering to celebrate fellowship, spring’s arrival and religious traditions. As a retailer, you’re in a prime position to help support these activities, especially if you cater to sweets.

However, many “candy” merchants overlook Easter’s importance, choosing to focus on other major holidays — such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day — instead. That’s a huge mistake, and a missed opportunity.

According to the National Retail Federation, Easter is a $17.3 billion holiday — and much of that spending goes toward candy sales. In fact, Americans spend nearly $2.5 billion on sweets during the Easter season.

In raw sales, Easter confectionaries actually outperform Halloween candy and Valentine’s Day chocolates. So if you sell sweets in your store, it pays to stock up during the period around Easter.

Here are some other important Easter takeaways for candy merchants.

1. Presentation Matters

Halloween candy is for anonymous trick-or-treaters, so parents usually buy discounted sweets in bulk. Easter candy is a little different.

According to Carman Allison, VP of Consumer Insights at Nielsen:

"Easter and Valentine's Day are more gift-based purchases where premium packaging plays a role in what consumers purchase for their loved ones and how much they are willing to spend."

In other words, Easter is prime time for “top-shelf” candy. 

2. Many Parents Buy Early

The majority of confectionary purchases happen during the week prior to Easter, with Americans buying an estimated 146 million pounds of candy during this period. Many shoppers begin three or more weeks in advance.

Retailers, don’t hesitate to put up your Easter displays a little earlier than normal. 

3. Don’t Forget About Millennials

A lot of candy retailers focus their marketing on parents and kids. Junior wants the sweets, and mom or dad is the one who ends up buying them.

However, millennials are the most active spending group around the Easter season, according to the International Council of Shopping Centers. They spend an average of $177 during this period, compared with only: 

  • $127 among the Generation X crowd
  • $114 among baby boomers 

It may be worth expanding your marketing message to appeal to this younger demographic. At the very least, you should update your payment environment so that it appeals to millennial shoppers.

4. Online Is Where It’s At

Online Easter sales outperform brick-and-mortar purchases by almost 2 to 1. According to Statistic Brain, Americans spend an average of $131 at physical retail stores during the Easter season. Compare that with $225 in average sales when buying online. 

If your retail store has an e-commerce component, it’s worth beefing it up during the Easter holiday — you’ll likely generate more sales across the board.

One Final Tip

With Easter right around the corner, you may not have enough time to act on some of the suggestions above — but you should definitely keep them in mind for next year and beyond.

One last Easter-related actionable tip:


Have a fantastic Easter and spend quality time with your loved ones!


The BluePay Team

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