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Choosing the Best Credit Card Processing Services for Small Businesses

It can be a struggle finding the right credit card processing service — especially as a small business owner. Many startups base their decision on price, going with whichever provider charges the lowest fees. 

While this approach makes sense at first, those small businesses often hit significant roadblocks later. Worse still, they discover how inconvenient it is to change payment providers once already locked into a contract. 

This is why you should invest sufficient time researching your options so you can choose the best credit card processing service from the beginning. 

Though if price is only a small piece of the puzzle, what other criteria should one use when shopping around? 

What to Look for in a Credit Card Processing Service

Arguably the most important criterion is security. If you can’t provide your customers with a safe shopping experience, nothing else really matters: 

  • Get this wrong, and you’ll face fines, penalties, litigation, angry customers and lost business. 
  • Get this right, and you’ll have a much easier time attracting new customers, suppliers and investors. 

Assuming you’ve selected a payment processor that excels in fraud prevention, here are some other criteria worth adding to the list: 

  • Ease of use. Ideally, your payment environment should be as intuitive and hands-off as possible. The less time you spend installing, configuring and troubleshooting payments, the more time you’ll have to invest in your core business. 
  • Payment integration. Similar to the above, you want a credit card solution that integrates directly with the business tools you already use. Having to manually input each transaction into your accounting software takes valuable time. 
  • Payment variety. You might start only accepting credit cards, but as your business grows, you may want to add other types of payment options. It’s best to choose a processor that supports a wide range of choices. That way, you’ll never have to turn away a potential sale. 
  • Customer support. Problems can crop up at any time, so it’s wise to avoid any payment provider that isn’t reachable 24/7. 

Pricing should be the very last factor in your decision-making process. In fact, it’s often worth paying a premium if you find a payment provider that truly delivers. 

How Does BluePay’s Small Business Credit Card Processing Stack Up?

At BluePay, we process over $15 billion every year for more than 53,000 businesses across North America. We even have a dedicated department that caters specifically to small business merchants. 

But so do a lot of other payment processors, so why choose us? 

Here are several reasons: 

1. Fraud Protection

When it comes to payment security, we’re in a class of our own. Our credit card processing solutions adhere to the latest PCI data security standards. However, we also provide our small business clients with additional tools to help safeguard their data, including: 

  • Tokenization 
  • Point-to-point encryption 
  • Hosted payment pages 
  • Fraud management filters 

2. Payment Integration

Our secure payment solutions seamlessly integrate with the most popular accounting, CRM, shopping cart, and ERP suites on the market. In fact, we currently support over 460 business platforms. 

3. Ease of Use

Most of our solutions work out of the box, with very little coding or technical skills required. We even have plug-and-play payment modules that you can install with a few clicks of the mouse. 

4. Payment Varieties

You want payment options? Well, we’ve got them. In addition to our award-winning payment gateway, we also provide EMV processing, virtual terminal, recurring billing, ACH payments, mobile and tablet solutions, Levels 2 and 3 processing, and Apple Pay. 

5. Customer Support

In addition to 24/7 U.S.-based customer support via phone and email, we also offer a free resource library and developer tools to help you find the answers you need — as quickly as possible. 

6. Competitive Pricing

Because we work with so many small businesses, we’re aware of the challenges you often face while expanding your operations. This is why we keep our credit card processing fees as low as possible. In fact, we’d likely be on your shortlist if pricing was your only criterion. 

Ready to get started? 


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