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BluePay Partners with FastDomain

BluePay has recently partnered with FastDomain, a top provider of professional web hosting services, including unlimited hosting space and domain hosting. FastDomain has recognized BluePay as a leading company in secure e-commerce credit card processing, recommending our services to customers in need of online payment gateways and solutions that improve business while keeping data safe. Merchants can trust in BluePay’s PCI compliant credit card processing services, with advanced features such as tokenization, which stores sensitive data safely and reduces the risk of fraud.

About FastDomain: Since 2005, FastDomain has been dedicated to providing Internet hosting packages for professional and personal websites, offering high quality hosting solutions and reliable service at affordable rates. FastDomain customers can count on secure backups, highly functional tools for administration, and maximum guaranteed uptime.

BluePay Benefits: FastDomain customers can become BluePay merchants and take advantage of BluePay’s industry leading experience and streamlined e-commerce payment options. Secure online payment gateways are crucial for today’s e-commerce merchants, who must ensure efficient service while keeping credit card information and data as safe as possible. Our merchant credit card services include –

  • Secure e-commerce solutions, including ACH and Echeck payments
  • Ability to accept all major credit and debit cards
  • Advanced security features, such as tokenization and AVS
  • Free virtual terminal program for new merchants
  • Hosted payment forms for businesses and nonprofit organizations
  • Level II and Level III B2B payment processing capabilities
  • Electronic invoicing and recurring billing
  • Canadian credit card processing
  • Always competitive low rates

Contact us today to learn more about our payment processing solutions, or follow @BluePay for news and updates on Twitter!

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