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BluePay Merchant Loans Open Doors for Business Opportunities

Merchant Lending - BluePayBluePay merchant lending programs provide the opportunity to grow with secure credit card processing solutions that increase profits and reduce costs. Businesses can qualify for merchant cash advances, merchant funding or merchant account lending. BluePay has the experience and industry expertise to assist merchants in determining the right merchant lending plan, taking into consideration the business’ needs and goals.

From there, merchants can gain access to the proper funds for effective, secure business solutions:

· Credit Card Processing Solutions: Accepting credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments for business provides flexible solutions for customers who expect convenient payment methods. Secure credit card terminals streamline the card-present transaction for businesses such as retailers and restaurants, while mobile and wireless credit card processing offer payment solutions for businesses on the go.

· E-commerce Processing Solutions: As today’s consumers rely heavily on the Internet to shop and pay bills, the need for e-commerce payment processing has become critical for maintaining a competitive edge. Merchants can accept online payments through secure e-commerce payment gateways, and features such as electronic invoicing and recurring billing help speed up the payment process and reduce costs.

· PCI Compliant Solutions: When accepting credit cards for business, security must become a priority. Keeping customers’ credit card information safe is crucial, as is protecting your business from the hefty fines that follow compromised data. PCI security solutions include tokenization, which protects stored data; end-to-end encryption, which keeps data secure throughout the entire transaction process; and address verification systems, which verify the true cardholder during card-not-present sales.

Contact BluePay today to learn more about our merchant lending programs and payment processing solutions. For BluePay news and updates on Twitter, follow @BluePay.

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