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BluePay HQ: Customize Your Merchant Account

When you begin to look into merchant accounts services, you’ll quickly learn that your business’ needs don’t quite fit into a neat little predetermined package. The ability to customize your merchant account according to your business goals is critical to receiving the most efficient and effective services.

BluePay HQ gives you just that: the freedom and flexibility to design a merchant account package that best fits your business plan.

Meet with the Experts
The BluePay HQ solution provides each client with the right services and technology that the business needs to make that next step toward success. You’ll meet with BluePay experts to discuss your current business plan and credit card processing capabilities, as well as your goals and concerns regarding the payment process. Whether you’re in need of e-commerce capabilities or you want to speed up your mail-order and telephone-order services, BluePay HQ has the solution.

Consider Your Options
With all of the services that BluePay HQ has to offer, it can be overwhelming trying to decide on a specific merchant account plan for your business. Take a look at how your business operates and consider the options provided by BluePay. Ask yourself how your business can benefit from any of the following services:

• Complete accounting and processing software integration
• Recurring billing and electronic invoicing capabilities
• Consolidated vendors
• E-commerce payment gateway
• Updated credit card terminals
• Merchant lending
• ACH (BlueChex) processing
• Remote deposit capture
• Level III procurement card processing
• Secure PCI compliant processing solutions including Tokenization

Start Saving and Start Growing
There’s a good chance that you’ll discover you can reduce costs, simplify your payment processing and improve overall efficiency and cash flow with just a few of BluePay HQ’s solutions. The BluePay team is dedicated to helping you meet your goals and reach the next phase of your business plan. You can get started by visiting the BluePay HQ Web site.

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