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BluePay Business Tips: Improve Profits through the Web

Bringing your business to the Web is crucial to increasing profits in today’s market. The Internet has become widely accessible from virtually anywhere, and more consumers are relying heavily on Web services to shop and make payments.

So now that you have a website, what’s next? Below, find BluePay’s tips for improving profits with an effective and secure website.

  • Effective Web Design: Make sure your website has an eye-catching yet simple design. Visitors should be able to navigate the site easily, finding products, services and shopping carts without getting lost. If your website is too cluttered or difficult to navigate, customers are likely to give up and click away. A design that clearly conveys your company’s message, values and services is likely to convert more clicks into profits.
  • Clear, Compelling Content: The content on your site should be clear and concise. Large, long blocks of text on the page can turn customers off. Simple messages that get straight to the point are extremely effective, and bullet points and short paragraphs make the text easier to read and follow.
  • Online Payment Solutions: The ability to accept credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments through your website significantly improves customer service and increases profits, as many of today’s consumers prefer shopping and making payments online for convenience’s sake. With BluePay’s online payment solutions, you can set up a secure e-commerce payment gateway, include hosted payment forms on your site, and help protect your customers and business with PCI compliant security features.

Contact BluePay for more information on our ecommerce credit card processing solutions. For BluePay news and updates on Twitter, follow @BluePay.

Topics: E-Commerce and Online Payments

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