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Billhighway: Payment Integration for Multi-Entity Organizations and Associations

At BluePay, we offer a number of payment integration solutions to help businesses streamline their operations. These powerful tools allow you to sync incoming payments with the accounting, sales and ERP platforms your team already uses. By not having to manually update your records, payment integration can help your organization save time and money.

We've recently expanded our integration solutions to include Billhighway — a payments provider that specializes in associations and multi-entity organizations.

However, what is Billhighway, and how can it help your own organization have a more powerful impact on the world?

Billhighway Association Payment Integration

Like all of the integration solutions we offer, Billhighway makes it easier to balance ledgers and update your Association Management System (AMS) or member management system records using real-time data.

However, Billhighway's tools are specifically designed for the Association world, meaning their solutions tailor to the complexity of organizations that have multiple different levels, such as states and locals, and are typically spread across large geographic areas.

For example, Billhighway's:

  • Cloud-based enterprise platform allows you to easily manage incoming payments, whether they’re made via phone, check or online. All member payments or contributions automatically sync with your accounting books and AMS or membership management platform.
  • Mobile fundraising tools allow you to collect donations and manage auctions on the go — even when launching drives off site. You can quickly process contributions by:
  • Swiping plastic using smart devices and a detachable reader.
  • Digitally scanning credit cards using the "snap" feature.
  • Manually entering card information by keying in numbers on the touchscreen.

Billhighway helps you manage more than just the incoming cash flow. They also offer prepaid cards that allow your organization to buy products and supplies without relying on standard checks. This approach provides you with much greater control over how internal funds are spent. Billhighway’s award-winning prepaid card programs can also help save money. Writing, mailing and processing checks can carry a number of hidden costs — sometimes as much as $20 per check.

How Billhighway Payment Integration Fits With BluePay

The payment solutions we provide are applicable across a broad range of industries, whether you operate a for-profit business or a nonprofit enterprise.

However, charitable organizations sometimes require additional tools and functionality that fall outside the scope of our standard offerings. Thus we worked closely with acquisition firm, TA Associates, to bring Billhighway within our network. By adding this payment solution to our product line, we can now better serve the needs of our nonprofit clients.

According to BluePay Executive Chairman, John Rante,

         “[Billhighway’s] not-for-profit vertical is a great strategic fit with the BluePay integrated merchant base, and we are confident that by joining forces we will accelerate our growth in that sector."

However, the real beneficiaries of this acquisition are our end users. 

By incorporating Billhighway payment integration into your operations, your team can focus more resources on outreach and fundraising — instead of spending time managing records and balancing books. As a result, your charitable drives become more cost-effective and successful. The money you raise can then be used to have an even greater positive impact on the world.

What’s more, with BluePay's PCI-compliant processing under the hood, you also benefit from unmatched payment security as your organization continues to grow.

To learn more about Billhighway payment integration, contact our support team today.

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