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Batch Credit Card Processing Services

If you’re like most merchants, you enjoy making sales — but not the tedious process of manually uploading every transaction as it comes through.

This process can be especially cumbersome if you’re a high-volume merchant. All of this reporting might represent hours of lost productivity, even if each individual sale is only a few dollars.

With the right payment environment, however, it’s possible to upload and report all of your transactions at once with batch credit card processing.

How does this service work?

Batch Credit Card Processing in a Nutshell

With standard credit card processing, you authorize and accept every payment that comes through — in real-time.

Batch credit card processing works a little differently:

  • When a customer swipes his/her card at the POS terminal, the transaction is authorized — but the payment is temporarily placed on hold.
  • Throughout the day, you continue accumulating transaction codes and store this information in a master file.
  • At the end of the business day, you send the authorization codes all at once to your payment processor.
  • The payment processor runs each transaction and approves all the sales you’ve generated during the previous 24 hours.

What Are the Advantages of Batch Credit Card Processing?

The primary benefit of this payment option is convenience. As the merchant, you need only to send these authorization codes once a day. This can be a huge timesaver since it removes the repetitive task of reporting, verifying and processing every payment that comes into your system — one at a time.

Again, these benefits are especially pronounced for merchants who make numerous sales throughout the business day.

Cost is another selling point of batch credit card processing.

Instead of paying ongoing fees each time you process an individual sale, you pay a one-time network connection fee at the end of the day. This can translate to sizeable savings if you’re a large volume merchant.

Lastly, batch credit card processing is often more secure than real-time processing. Transmitting your payment data in bulk reduces the number of times criminals and hackers can intercept your customers’ credit card information.

Making Batch Credit Card Processing Work for You

Batch payment processing is convenient, time-saving and cost-effective. It also helps to reduce your fraud exposure.

However, this payment option can’t eliminate credit card fraud completely.

This is why we encourage our clients to combine batch processing with our other security tools, including, tokenization, fraud management filters and point-to-point encryption (P2PE).

You can further streamline your operations by combining batch credit card processing with BluePay’s payment modules. These payment plugins allow you to seamlessly integrate incoming sales with the software platforms your business already uses.

Every time you complete a new transaction, this information is instantly reflected in your favorite accounting, CRM and tax preparation platforms. These payment modules completely eliminate the need to manually input data, saving you both time and money.


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