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Adding a Payment Gateway to Your Website? Follow These 3 Tips

If you run an online business, making money is difficult unless you accept credit card payments. One of the best ways for a small business to do this is to use a payment gateway. If you’re thinking about going this route, here are three tips to get you started.

#1: Determine Your Needs

The best payment gateway provider for you is often determined by your business’s volume of sales and the overall amount of money you process via credit card transactions. Some gateway providers have transaction limits or per-month allowances, so make sure that you are able to complete all of the transactions you need to process. Also be certain the provider you choose allows you to accept cards the way you need to. If you have a physical store, for example, some gateway providers require you to have two different merchant accounts.

#2: Shop Around

The whole point of using a payment gateway is to enhance your business profits, so find a vendor that suits your needs perfectly. Compare payment gateway rates, fees and all other information until you find the right company for your business style.

#3: Do Your Homework

Although some gateway providers do not require up-front fees, there are other fees to compare, such as monthly access charges or early contract termination fees. Most have per-transaction fees. Be aware of all the fees involved with your payment gateway to avoid confusion later. Read the fine print and know what your responsibilities are.

For information about BluePay’s payment gateway services, speak with one of our representatives.

Getting started with a payment gateway can be simple and easy, just make sure all of your bases are covered before you get started!

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