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Accept Payments Anywhere with Mobile Credit Card Processing

Running a successful business doesn’t always mean you have a traditional office or storefront. Many merchants often bring their business to various locations, whether they are selling handmade jewelry at people’s homes or setting up shop at local farmers markets and festivals. For small business owners always on-the-go, mobile credit card processing is an easy, secure and affordable way to accept multiple types of payment – increasing convenience, improving service and reducing costs.

Mobile processing is easy and convenient. With people relying heavily on mobile technology to stay constantly connected, mobile processing brings another level of convenience to businesses and consumers. Merchants can accept credit cards, debit cards and even checks from their mobile phones, as well as manage their accounts and send receipts, wherever they go. Transactions are quick and easy, and merchants no longer have to turn down business simply because the customer doesn’t have cash.

Mobile processing helps reduce costs. BluePay’s mobile credit card processing solutions require no extra hardware, equipment or software. There is no maintenance or dedicated phone lines needed, and merchants can use their existing mobile phones to start accepting credit cards right away. Mobile processing is a simple and affordable solution.

Mobile processing is secure. Whether you’re accepting credit cards online, through a traditional credit card terminal or from your mobile phone, PCI compliance is a requirement. BluePay’s mobile credit card processing products are compliant with PCI standards, helping protect businesses and customers from the risk of compromised data.   

For more information on our mobile processing services, visit or contact us today! For news and updates, follow @BluePay on Twitter.

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