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A Day In The Life Of Our Sr. Director of Partnerships


We hope you’re enjoying BluePay’s “A Day in the Life” series, helping you to learn more about the behind-the-scene personalities at BluePay. Our team genuinely cares about helping our merchants and partners, and we want you to get to know them!

Next up is Dylan DeGrave, Senior Director of Partnerships. As a director at BluePay, Dylan’s main focus is searching for new partner prospects, cultivating relationships, and helping integrated partners maximize growth opportunities.



Hello! My name is Dylan DeGrave. This is a day in the life of me, Senior Director of Partnerships here at BluePay.

I handle our strategic partnerships at BluePay. So creating, maintaining, and growing these important integrated relationships is really my core focus here.

A good day for me is when I can reach out to many different partner prospects, but that’s not always the reality. A lot of times you got to make sure that your existing partners are taken care of first and foremost, and that they’re taken care of so that we’re doing everything we can, like I said, to just maximize their potential.

So I work actually with a few gentleman. Ian, who he’s more taking some of the inbound partner leads that come in, qualifying them, and getting them over to myself and some of the others. And then Travis and Brian I work very closely with. They’re on the bus dev side, and so while I’m out really as more of a hunter trying to sign new partners, is really something that I concentrate on, their job is to assist me with just getting everything we can out of these partnerships. Making sure it’s a successful launch if we’re doing email campaigns anything like that, just to make sure that we’re really doing everything we can to optimize the potential of our relationship.

Well, I must say a lot of times it doesn’t even seem like work. The days go by so fast I wish there was more time in the day really. But I haven’t myself been caught up in years, and that just creates you know they’re paying me, but I actually enjoy what I do. The new challenges that come each day, and we really are helping not only the partners, but the merchants.

I think the thing that I like best about BluePay is really the team aspect. Each department works together to really create a cohesive environment. For example, we created a new department, a partner support department, because we realize that partnerships are a big part of what we do over here and help us to continue to grow organically. And so this new department I work with on a daily basis to make sure that our partners are taken care of, and we really do roll out the red carpet to our partners. And so by everybody working together – customer service, partner support, marketing, data entry – whatever it may be, it does create this cohesive unit to make sure we do everything we can to optimize the experience and potential of each partnership we have.

Thank you for watching! That was a day in the life of me, Dylan DeGrave, Senior Director of Partnerships here at BluePay.

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