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A Day In The Life of Our Partner Support Team


Have you been enjoying BluePay’s “A Day in the Life” series? We want to help you put faces to names and learn more about the behind-the-scene personalities at BluePay. Our team genuinely cares about helping our merchants and partners, and what better way to get to know them!

Next up is our Partner Support Team, comprised of Gina Turner and Randall Flagg. As the first line of support for our partners, Gina and Randall fill in the gaps between partner needs and expectations. They work closely with virtually every component of the BluePay core organization to accomplish these goals.



Hi! My name is Randall Flagg, and my name is Gina Turner, and this is a day in the life of the BluePay Partner Support Team.

We make sure that our partners have the tools and the knowledge that they need to be successful. We answer emails, phone calls, we manage that queue – the support queue. We work closely with other departments as far as making sure everyone’s on the same page, and they know how their merchants are to be set up and activated or onboarded.

The Partner Support Team was formed in response to the Voice of the Customer survey that was launched approximately two years ago by our company. There really was no such thing as partner support. Gina and both of us what we’re doing is we’re interacting with all those different departments, and we kind of bring everybody together to get the job done to make sure whatever the partner or that partner’s customer’s need is, we bring in the right resource to make sure that it comes to fruition. I kind of jokingly consider us like first responders. You might as well call us Batman and Robin.

On a day-to-day basis, what we do in partner support, there is no way to really to describe it because it changes every single day. There’s always inquiries coming in, there’s always someone that needs something. And then if it’s not the partner, it’s their merchant that may need assistance, which we reach out to them to assist them, as well. So, between the partners reaching out for support for themselves or their merchants, we handle both. So, it is nonstop. It’s madness. I love every minute of it.

We start our day and it’s a line ‘em up and knock ‘em down. That’s right. And just provide the best support we possibly can. Absolutely.

Thank you for watching! This has been a day in the life of the BluePay Partner Support Team.


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