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A Day In The Life Of Our CMO


Check out the next video in BluePay’s “A Day in the Life” series. We’re highlighting this on our blog so you can learn more about the behind-the-scene personalities at BluePay. We have a really great team that genuinely cares about helping our merchants and partners, and we want you to get to know them more!

Next up is Kristen Gramigna, Chief Marketing Officer. As an executive at BluePay, Kristen has a full plate of responsibilities from helping the marketing team drive leads to the sales team, to working with the FI team to grow relationships with banks and credit unions, to assisting the executive team on new acquisitions.



This is a day in the life of me, Kristen Gramigna, Chief Marketing Officer at BluePay.

Well, I perform a lot of different functions at the company and I wear many different hats, but primarily on a day-to-day basis I start my day by looking at the number of leads that we have so far for the current calendar month and the prior day that directly correlates to the number of new partners and new merchant accounts that we sign. In addition to working and focusing on the numbers for the company, I also work very closely with a lot of other departments in the company. In particular, we spend a lot of time with the IT and the product departments, as well as the sales teams to make sure that we have everything we need to have in regards to new products and services from a marketing perspective. I also, as an executive of the company, am involved in a lot of management type meetings throughout the week, and now those pretty much take up the majority of my time on a weekly basis.

Well, on a day-to-day basis, I would tell you that it varies, and there are some days for example like this week, the first three days of this week I had back-to-back meetings and conference calls. But, then the next two days of the week, I have a more open schedule which would allow me to maybe go visit another office, or to work on a specific project or a marketing request.

Well, I have several teams that I work with. The first team is my marketing team. Probably the team that I would say I spend the most time with on a day-to-day basis on their individual marketing tasks that they’re working on. There’s a lot of different things involved with our marketing team. It’s not just lead generation, but it’s new content, it’s the website. We’re getting into webinars now. Infographics. Videos. And, primarily just making sure that the marketing team is doing everything they can to support our sales teams to help them sell our new products and services, and to make sure that we’re in the loop with the product and IT teams to help get on the product roadmap new things that are needed for the sales teams. And anything that we can do ultimately to help drive that lead generation for all our sales teams.

So that’s a day in the life of Kristen Gramigna, Chief Marketing Officer for BluePay. Thank you!

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