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A Day In The Life of a National Account Manager


BluePay is happy to present you with the first video in our newest “A Day in the Life” series. We’re highlighting this on our blog so that you can learn more about the behind-the-scene personalities at BluePay. We have a really great team that genuinely cares about helping our merchants and partners, and we want you to get to know them more!

First up is Stephen Neville, National Account Manager. After listening to feedback from merchants and partners, BluePay recently created this team of account managers to be dedicated, direct contacts for some of our largest clients.




My name is Stephen Neville, and this is the day in the life of a National Account Manager at BluePay.

When I first come into the office, grab a cup of coffee, grab a glass of water, get my station setup for the day. Usually there's lots of conversation going on in my cubicle, and I'll either jump right into the conversation, or I’ll just listen to it and take it in and see what’s going on in the life of the National Account Managers.

To be a National Account Manager, we’ve broken it down into four different categories: solving problems, educating on product, in-person account review, and improving customer experience.

Being the merchant’s dedicated point of contact was really our main goal when we first launched this new department. We really wanted to be that merchant’s number one go-to person if they had an issue with anything. Just make them more comfortable with their experience instead of just calling into a call center and not really knowing the person they’re talking to.

Any processing issues that the merchant might have, they’ll come to me and say, “Stephen, I'm having an issue with so and so and so,” and we’ll come up with a plan together to solve that issue and move on from there.

Merchants often have questions about becoming PCI compliant, and what that really means. If they have fraud happening frequently, then they really want to become PCI compliant.

We have a team meeting every week, so that consists of the National Account Managers. We also have a meeting with our boss, Nicole Palella, every week with all the account managers plus her. I also have a one-on-one meeting with Nicole to go over all of my merchants, what’s going on with them, what issues have been going on, how I’m solving them, and any follow-up that needed to be done.

I love the people most about BluePay. Like I said previously, everyone is just so helpful and so nice and so open, and everyone just really wants to do the same thing which is to get their job done efficiently and effectively and really helping out our merchants to the best of our ability. Everyone is just so keen on doing that and accomplishing that.

And that’s the day in the life of Stephen Neville, National Account Manager at BluePay.

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