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7 Ways Small Businesses Can Prepare for Mother's Day

7 Ways SMBs Can Prepare for Mothers DayWith yearly sales exceeding $23 billion, Mother’s Day is one of the most lucrative “spending” holidays on the calendar. Some lucky businesses are ideally positioned to take advantage of this annual event. 

If you sell flowers, jewelry or spa treatments, for example, you’ll likely generate a lot of sales in the days leading up to Mother’s Day.  

What if you don’t sell these types of items? How do you get the sons and daughters of America excited if your core business centers around the following products/services? 

  • Office supplies
  • Landscaping
  • Legal services 

Tying your offerings to Mother’s Day becomes a lot harder. Remember that people are shopping in general — online and in brick-and-mortar locations. No matter what you sell, it’s still possible to tap into the spending mood that accompanies this annual holiday. 

Below are seven strategies that can help, starting with a slightly counterintuitive tip. 

1. Make your site mobile-ready

Even if you run a brick-and-mortar store, having a website is essential for raising awareness of your offerings. Simply being online isn’t enough. In 2018, your site must also be mobile-friendly. 

Here’s why. According to Small Business Trends, 45 percent of all Mother’s Day-related searches happen on smart devices. If your website isn’t ready for all that mobile traffic, you’ll have a much more difficult time converting visitors into customers. 

How to Create an Engaging Gift Guide

2. Create a gift guide

If your core products are unisex, ordinary or unromantic, you might be tempted to sit out Mother’s Day. But with the right approach, it’s possible to repackage your offerings with a unique twist. 

Let’s look at our earlier examples and assume you sell: 

  • Office supplies. Consider carrying holiday cards. Alternatively, you could offer discounts on supplies needed to create Mother’s Day cards from scratch. 
  • Landscaping. Why let florists get all the glory with their short-lived flower arrangements? As part of your lawn services, you could provide your clients’ moms with flower gardens that bloom every year. 
  • Legal advice. Every mom has kids. Some have grandkids. This is an ideal target group for legal services such as estate planning. 

Not every business model is conducive to this approach, but you’d be surprised at the effectiveness of this strategy. 

3. Focus on experiences

According to the National Retail Federation, 3 in 10 moms prefer experiences over traditional gifts. If you work in hospitality or tourism, this is fantastic news. 

Even if you sell physical goods, there may be ways to make these items more “experiential.” For example, you can offer free or paid training workshops in skills that are closely related to whatever you sell. 

Back to those earlier examples: 

  • If you sell office supplies, bring in an origami expert for a couple weekends.
  • If you sell lawn services, offer a class on proper gardening techniques. 
  • If you sell legal services, host a workshop on retirement saving or estate planning. 

4. Offer gift wrapping

Most people don’t like wrapping gifts. In many families, Mom is stuck with this unpleasant chore. Since this holiday is about her, she’s off the hook. 

The kids, however, aren’t. That’s where you come in with free gift-wrapping services. Offer to wrap whatever your customers bring, provided they buy at least one item first. 

5. Explore partnerships

You might not be a florist or masseuse, but there are probably plenty in your neighborhood with whom you could partner. Doing so can be a huge win-win as you cross-promote each other’s businesses. 

As a landscaper, for example, you could refer clients to your favorite florist for all their gardening supplies. In return, that florist can send you clients who need help with larger landscaping jobs or regular lawn maintenance. 

Such relationships can exist yearlong, but Mother’s Day is a perfect time to make them a priority. 

6. Sell gift cards

Gift cards aren’t very personal, but this hasn’t stopped their growing popularity over the years. Every Mother’s Day, consumers spend an estimated $2.5 billion on gift cards. 

If your business already sells or accepts gift cards, Mother’s Day is a great time to tap into that huge spending pool. The beauty of gift cards is they don’t have to be tied directly to your store. They could be for Amazon, a local restaurant or even putt-putt golf. 

The fact that you sell these cards can: 

  • Attract more foot traffic
  • Generate last-minute sales
  • Earn you extra commissions 

7. Promote your sales

If you’re like most retailers, you probably have Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day paraphernalia in storage. You likely use these seasonal decorations to attract attention and drive sales. 

By contrast, there aren’t a whole lot of decorative trappings associated with Mother’s Day. This means raising awareness of your discounts requires a little extra work. 

You can use in-store displays, “SALE” signs and other time-tested strategies to help boost in-store sales. Whether you’re an e-merchant or brick-and-mortar retailer, you can use banner ads, email marketing and social media to help raise awareness online. 

The more aggressively you advertise your Mother’s Day offerings, the larger your slice of that $23 billion pie becomes. Does your small business have the payment processing solutions to handle the increase in business?

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